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Microsoft 365: under control

Be the master of your environment with automatic content and customization management tools. For the operational control you need, automation is key to seamlessly monitor for and react to out-of-policy changes to security and configurations, and revert or report on violations.

Reduce admin overhead

Centrally manage Microsoft 365 permissions and configuration tasks. Report and fix issues in bulk to save time and money.

Enforce with automation

Resolve policy violations and report on or repair unauthorized security settings or configuration changes as they occur.

Content where you need it

Move, restructure, sync, and publish content on demand or on a schedule—to give users what they need, when it’s needed.

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Cloud Management for Office 365

Automate & the cloud who's boss.

Maintain complete operational control of your cloud with AvePoint Cloud Management’s high-speed content migration, audit reports, and capabilities that restrict access to and sharing of Microsoft 365 content.

Easy IT audits

Respond to IT audit requests with a full report on content, users, and configurations—through a single pane of glass.

Fixes in a flash

Search for, bulk select, then edit security and configurations. Automate policy enforcement to make corrections for you.

Move & groove

Shift content within or across Microsoft 365 tenants for migration, consolidation, or adjust information architecture.

Consistent design

Compare and deploy design elements, customizations, and workflows to ensure consistency across sites and workspaces.

Secure sharing

Restrict access to and sharing of SharePoint Online sites, Group team sites, and OneDrive for Business content.

Handy content

Keep content synchronized within or across Microsoft 365 tenants—or publish select content based on metadata or properties.

Cloud Management for Office 365

Take Office 365 a step further

Cloud Governance can help automate common IT operations for provisioning, management, and lifecycle.