Governance: Balance collaboration & control

Cloud Governance for Office 365…where collaboration and control intersect. Good governance ensures Microsoft Teams security and Office 365 management requirements are met.

Basic solutions are ordinary. Governance with AvePoint is extraordinary.


    Empower users to get more from their Office 365 services

    Present users with a clear and relevant catalog of Office 365 services. Guide users to exactly what they need with simple business questions, and ensure they’re always using the right tools for the job.

    Cloud Gov SS Enablement

    Simplified catalog of Office 365 services tailored to specific audiences

    Business-focused questionnaires guide users to appropriate services

    Flexible, governed services enable user control


    Promote adoption while still managing Office 365 security and compliance.

    Choose which actions, options, and requests should be available to who—and it’ll be easy for users to follow the rules! With right-sized controls already in place, policies will remain enforced, risk reduced, and productivity will increase.

    Cloud Gov Balanced Controls

    Use automatic approvals for low-risk requests, or involve multiple approvers and levels for higher-risk requests

    Conditional approvals allow for dynamic and appropriate oversight

    Contextual governance policies are applied based on roles and type of request


    Repeatable and consistent service delivery

    Ensure policy enforcement while freeing up your operations team from manual and repetitive work. With over 20 service types that’ll automate everything from Microsoft Teams security and compliance to SharePoint governance, Office 365 management, and Office 365 retention policies, we’ll handle the day-to-day tasks and let your IT team continue to drive value from your Office 365 investment.

    Cloud Gov Aut Efficiency

    Increase productivity by automating most actions in Office 365

    Ensure process compliance from request through approval, and to production

    Everybody wins with simplified requests for users and automated execution for ops teams


    Oversee and automate Office 365 auditing, data ownership and access

    Set requirements for workspaces that require ongoing oversight and manage the review process for content owners. Automatically generate a “renewal task” to re-certify user access, permissions and roles. Ensure data owners and administrators always have an accurate inventory of what they have, why it exists, who it belongs to, and when was the last time that information was verified.

    Cloud Gov Ongoing Gov

    Gather, verify and maintain accurate ownership and classification of your workspaces

    Audit compliance of required ownership, security and classification reviews

    Easily report on a current and complete inventory of all Office 365 workspaces​


    Automate Office 365 retention policies.

    Control growth and duplication of Office 365 content with automated cataloging, archiving, and deletion of workspaces. Apply lifecycle policies to your Sites, Groups and Teams to ensure the important stuff is kept and the rest is disposed of appropriately. Trigger deprovisioning for idle or unneeded workspaces based on user inactivity or time frame.

    Cloud Gov Managed Disp

    Prevent sprawl and clutter with automated archiving or deletion

    Extend access to useful workspaces and create a structured end-of-life for others​

    Ensure time or inactivity-based end-of-life plans for all workspaces​

To-do it all in Teams with MyHub

A convenient one-stop-shop for requesting new Office 365 workspaces and managing your existing ones—all from Microsoft Teams! MyHub provides you with easy-to-use provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle services without burdening your IT team.

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Supporting the latest in Microsoft Teams, Groups, and SharePoint Sites

We make it easy to import existing Microsoft Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites to automate service requests and management of content ownership, policies, and lifecycle according to evolving business needs.

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Cloud Governance Features

Service Catalogs

Deliver a wide range of governed services to users via a list of easy to understand options.


Enable sustainable adoption and ensure usage is accurately catalogued by guiding your users.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Ensures user actions will not violate content and security rules by automatically reverting out of policy changes in Office 365.

Conditional Approvals

Enable instant service delivery or allow organizations to deploy multi-stage and multi-user approvals for service requests.

Renewal and Recertification Processes

Ensure all relevant governance attributes of workspaces are kept current including context, members and owners of Office 365 workspaces.

Automated Archiving and Deletion

Allows organizations to automate and record workspace disposition and provides processes to extend the life of content if needed.

Delegated Administration

Reduce burden on IT and scale management of Office 365 by controlling who has administrative access to different sets of workspaces.

Activity Reporting

Automatic insights into usage and consumption of Office 365 resources in a simple dashboard interface.

Auditing Reports

Create a catalogue of who did what when by automatically generating and managing audit reports for Office 365 actions.

Security Reports

Simplify permissions and admin management by automatically surfacing who has access to what.

Collaboration Resource Inventories

Keep track of content by displaying metadata and contextual information for all workspaces in Office 365.

Approval Process Reporting

Keep track of how well your teams are staying on top of service requests and gives insights into how users interact with Office 365.

Lifecycle Status Reporting

Instant visibility into the relevance and age of workspaces, as well has how much your users are extending the life of their content.

"Create and Chase" Governance

Enhance existing Office 365 management by applying your policies after the fact.

Actionable Insights

Enable admins and content owners to respond to needs and take actions right from within reports.

Lifecycle Management

Reduce clutter by pinpointing expiration and inactivity times for Office 365 retention policies.

User Management

Simplify Office 365 management in Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Service Now Integration

Enable governed actions directly from Service Now for a consistent user experience.


How to ensure Operational Governance for Office 365 Groups:

Learn why organizations need to properly manage their Office 365 Groups to avoid sprawl, manage permissions, and more! See the Webinar!

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