Get one step closer to your ideal remote work set-up! Where are you in your hybrid work journey?

WFH Hybrid Section1 Work From Anywhere

Working from Anywhere is the New Modern Workplace…

AvePoint wants to make sure you’re ready to work, from home, the office, or on the go. The hybrid workforce boom’s here, and Microsoft’s got a universal collaboration tool that unites global employees, ensuring they’re connected, engaged and productive—and that’s Microsoft Teams.

Teams usage has skyrocketed due to the surge in demand for hybrid work. Microsoft’s responded by offering Teams for free—which means more Teams usage, more Teams, more Private Channels, and more sprawl.

Is your business ready? AvePoint can help! Our solutions help your teams be more productive and efficient. Get started to help you ensure your teams are on their A-game as your work style evolves.

Consolidate your Collaboration Experience to Teams

Discover, plan, and migrate Teams, mailboxes, Sites, and more to a single collaboration experience. Avoid Shadow IT and disjointed applications by giving users the tools they need in real time.

Optimize User Productivity

Don’t get buried beneath Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Microsoft 365 workspace sprawl. Use MyHub to find, search through, access and oversee all your workspaces. AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, AVA, helps users locate lost files or emails, without burdening your help desk or IT team.

Keep Teams Optimized with Ongoing Monitoring

License, permissions, and security insights support migration planning. Once you're migrated, continue to monitor for adoption success.

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Collaboration Consolidation with Fly

Break down collaboration siloes that were formed during the confusion of the fast, mass transition to the cloud. Ensure all your users are working on the same M365 tenant, and have what they need to collaborate and innovate.

Read how the City of Port St. Lucie got WFH ready in 12 hours with Fly

Discover users, content, and permissions across SaaS apps

Understand what valuable content and collaboration is taking place across SaaS applications like Box and Google Drive with Fly's pre-migration discovery.

Tenant-to-tenant enhanced discovery

Working to consolidate multiple M365 tenants? Enhance content and user discovery with license, permissions, and sensitive information insights with Cense and Insights.

Seriously swift migration

Get there fast with our expert use of Microsoft APIs and technology best-practices.

Migrate what you need, when you need it

Filter to prioritize select content scopes for migration. Migrate on a schedule that meets your needs.

WFH Hybrid Section3 Drive User Productivity


Drive user productivity

Time spent searching for the right Team or Site can impact adoption and productivity. That’s why we created MyHub—to simplify the Microsoft 365 experience. Microsoft 365 Admins can quickly enable MyHub company-wide so that users can understand and organize their memberships across Groups, Teams, and Sites.

AVA’s the essential little chat bot your users have been waiting for. AVA automatically and quickly responds to Microsoft Teams chats to help search for lost or deleted content, whether it’s an email or a misplaced document. AVA's even more mighty when paired with AvePoint Cloud Backup—what a power couple!

See MyHub in action See AVA in action

Drive productivity

Users can easily see and organize the workspaces they own, or have membership to, and quickly navigate to content they need.

Workspace management

Tagging helps users organize the workspaces they own, or have membership to. Quick actions, and quick actions.

Advanced governance

Access policy-driven services for provisioning, classification, and lifecycle management via Cloud Governance integration.

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Search and recover

Locate missing, misplaced, or deleted files or emails in Exchange, Outlook, or OneDrive (and recycle bins)—including recently modified docs or broken URLs.

Savings for days

Your help desk team and end users won’t waste precious time (and money) searching through Office 365’s recycle bins or AvePoint Cloud Backup data.


AVA respects your permissions—so users can locate only the content that's allowed—ensuring content is always in the right hands!

Collaboration Security Platform


Ongoing Monitoring & Success with Confidence

Tap into the Confidence Platform to fuel migration, adoption, and business success. Make sure users have the right tools for the job with Cense. Then, ensure collaboration security with ongoing monitoring for security and permissions risks with Insights. Prevent oversharing, bulk update anonymous links, and monitor how and where sensitive business data is being used.

Organize your SaaS operations for scale

Comprehensive license and permissions insights, management, and control are available with the Confidence Platform's Cense and Insights products.

Pre- and post- migration success

Discover existing licenses, users, and permissions prior to migration, and unlock ongoing reporting to optimize costs and reduce risk.

Delegate license & permission management

Empower regional, departmental, or security administrators to assign, edit, and delete licenses and permissions.


Hybrid work is here to stay.

Be sure you're ready!