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Why Secure Collaboration?

The things we collaborate on are sensitive. It's not just about PII or other regulated data. It's about what's important to your customers' business. Are you protecting them against exposure and data loss?

Are you exposed?

Can you pull a report to show everyone that currently has access to your sensitive business information?

Can you see who has accessed that information, and when?

Are You At Risk of Data Loss?

Do you know what your cloud provider’s SLAs are and what they offer in terms of backup coverage and data protection?

Do you have your own backup— in case your cloud provider goes down, or your data is held hostage in a ransomware attack?

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Ave Point Security Collaboration Platform


AvePoint Security Collaboration Platform

We make it easy to deliver secure collaboration to your customers. Whether you want to deliver recurring security health checks, offer on-demand recovery, ransomware protection, or ongoing asset and license reports, we can help.

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Access Monitoring & Control

Secure and monitor sensitive business information, so data and business plans are not vulnerable and exposed.

Learn about PI

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive coverage of content, permissions and settings, to ensure protection against data loss or ransomware attacks.

Learn about Cloud Backup

Provisioning & Management

Efficiently provision and manage environments. Automate tasks and keep collaboration environments tidy, well-managed and secure.

Learn about Cloud Management

Secure Migration

Fast, secure migration of content from legacy dark and unsecure collaboration systems to a secured collaboration cloud.

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Multi-tenant Management

Easily manage multiple customer tenants. Delegate administration within or across tenants among your own and customer teams.

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License Management

Deliver ongoing budget and license reports to your clients. Easily assign, update, and remove licenses, and immediately understand the cost implications of changes.

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Ave Point PI

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