Good Governance Precedes Great Adoption

Get ready to revolutionize the way your organization does business with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft boasts approximately 75 million daily active users on Teams, but that’s only 30% of the 250 million Office 365 commercial users who are still waiting to deploy and adopt Teams.

It’s imperative your users not only strive to adopt but thrive from within…and our specialized Teams Advisory Services will show you how. With AvePoint at your service, you’ll never have to contemplate the who, what, when, where, why and how associated with piloting and governing Teams.

Teams governance workshop

Teams Governance Workshop

Our tailored, interactive one-day workshop will help you define and clarify governance in the context of Teams, and ensure you get started on the right path.

Teams assessments

Teams Best Practice Assessments

In addition to the above workshop, we’ll also provide a starter Teams governance policy outline, a best practices assessment and a mapping exercise for Teams use cases.

Teams governance pilot

Teams Governance Pilot

Building on the workshops, assessment, and starter policies, we’ll provide a detailed analysis, suggest tools and techniques to implement IT governance, and then execute a governance pilot that’ll enable you to see a return in productivity on a six month timeline.

Teams management

Teams Intelligent Surge Management

If your Teams usage is already surging due to a rapid shift to work-from-home, and you're concerned about the number of Teams being created, we can help. This rapid, two-week deployment of products + services, helps you automate Teams management, fast.

Teams Governance & Adoption Strategy Workshop

Stop, collaborate, and listen. Our interactive, one-day workshop will ensure you get the most out of your Teams experience with best practice advisories, governance strategies and a summary of recommendations, all tailored to your organizational needs.

Discovery channels

Deep dive into your current environment to understand the maturity of your implementation, the controls in place, and your wishes and concerns.

Sweat the technique

Explore best practices for defining and implementing a perfectly tailored information management and governance strategy.

Recap & map

Plan your journey to Microsoft Teams with a comprehensive summary of Teams Governance recommendations, customized for your organizational requirements and goals.

Teams Best Practice Assessments

AvePoint will help you define and clarify Teams governance, identify and isolate your goals, provide a best practices assessment to accomplish those goals within your requirements, and more, all customized to meet your organizational needs.

Methods & madness

At our interactive workshops, you’ll pair with key stakeholders and business representatives to create an executive summary and a governance planning methodology.

Real world implementation

Design and provide a mapping exercise to apply governance policies to your business.

Design and provide a mapping exercise to apply governance policies to your business.

Collect and outline use cases and corresponding policies to influence the Starter Governance Policy Outline and examine results of the Best Practices Assessment report.

Teams Governance Pilot

AvePoint will map your key organizational goals to our analysis of Information Architecture, Office 365 tools and governance recommendations, and then execute your Governance Pilot.

A strategic roadmap

We include a breakdown of Office 365 tools, information architecture analysis, user adoption methodology, a governance policy outline, and build a roadmap with recommendations tailored to your organization.

Leverage that SaaS

Learn how to reduce development cycles and focus more intently on configuration and tailoring solutions for your organization.

Be hybrid & confident

AvePoint utilizes agile pilot iterations and uses a waterfall approach to workshops, requirements and design to meet your needs.

Know your worth

Deploy the use cases we identified with you in the workshops, validate their organizational value and then work together to plan the next steps.

Intelligent Surge Management for Teams

Microsoft Teams has kept users engaged and productive as they rapidly transition to work from home. As all collaboration moves online and remote, Teams usage is rapidly increasing, as is the number of Teams being created each day. These workspaces all contain critical business data of varying sensitivity levels, and oversight is critical to long-term success. This rapid, two-week deployment helps commercial and GCC environment customers get automated Teams management, fast.

Who’s in the know

Identify clear ownership with primary and secondary Team owners assigned automatically

Stay organized

Easily classify and inventory Teams to simplify oversight and management

Guest control

Enable external guests only for specific classes or types of Teams

Name of the game

Enforce naming conventions across Teams, as they are provisioned

Retire & expire

Apply lifecycle management to Teams. Assign leases, expiration dates, or renewal processes.

Easily comply

Meet basic retention and audit requirements with Cloud Backup integration

Teamwork makes the dream work Our experts will ensure you rest easy