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AvePoint knows everyone could use a helping hand. Whether you've got questions about installation, found a glitch in the system, got locked out of your account, or need a little moral support, we've got your back. We're here to ensure you get the most out of your AvePoint investment—just don't ask us for relationship advice.


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Phone support

  • United States/Canada: Toll free - +1.800.661.6588 (option 2)
  • Australia: +61 3 7019 2458
  • United Kingdom: +44 207 421 5199 (option 2)
  • Singapore: +65-6692-9028
  • Germany: +49 89 219098900
  • France: +33 3 58 28 89 59
  • Sweden: +46 8 535 270 43
  • Switzerland: +41 44 532 39 00
  • Netherlands +31 70 7011100
  • Belgium: +32 2 895 4404
  • Other Worldwide: +1.201.793.1111 (option 2)

Get a resolution quickly:

When contacting technical support, please be ready to provide the following information so we can better assist you.

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Product
  • Client and Server Versions
  • SharePoint Version
  • Maintenance Level

Response times & ticket severity


48 Hours

  • Minor issue, which does not impact production environment.
  • Documentation error that does not directly impact a job on production.
  • Feature or suggestion for enhancement.


24 Hours

  • An issue effecting production environment at a minor level.
  • Very limited direct impact on operations.


4 Hours

  • An issue effecting production environment at a major level.
  • Production environment is operational, but product activities are limited.
  • Long-time adverse effects can lead to productivity being hindered.

Very High*

2 Hours

  • Product activities on production environment are completely inoperable.
  • Major restoration or project is at a mission-critical state.
  • Severe impact on business operations.

*We recommend calling us for an immediate response

Support Tiers

AvePoint offers multiple support options to help you rest assured you have the right option that will meet your business needs. We’re also very excited to share our newest support tier, Proactive Support, to not just help you when you encounter an issue – we’ll find them first and solve them so you can stay focused on your priorities.

24/7 Global Premium Support Primary Support Proactive Support
  • 24/7 Global support via phone, chatbot, and online portal
  • Included in all SaaS purchases
  • Support Escalations
  • Assigned Primary Support Engineer (PSE) to the account*
  • Ticket Routing to PSE
  • Priority Ticket Handling
  • Access to Tier 3 Support (i.e. Support Development)
  • Support Escalations
  • Assigned Engineer for proactive monitoring on SaaS job errors/exceptions**
  • Priority Ticket Handling
  • Internal Case Trend Reviews
  • Access to Tier 3 Support (i.e. Support Development)
  • Support Escalations

*Available from 8am-5pm or 10am-7pm Eastern Standard Time only

**Currently available for all versions of AvePoint Cloud Backup and AvePoint Cloud Governance, with more products coming in the future

Support Scope

Please keep the following points in mind when contacting us with your support needs.

We will troubleshoot any errors that occur during normal product usage and work toward a solution with you.

We will troubleshoot issues specific to our products. If an issue is determined to be related to your IT environment, we suggest you work with your internal IT team or platform provider (e.g. Microsoft, Google, or Salesforce) to resolve the problem.

We pride ourselves on speed, and so we function with an email-forward stance as we find it’s the most efficient way to review and resolve your issues. You can always request screensharing sessions, but those sessions will depend on the severity of the issue, allocation of resources, and if previous resolution steps were provided.

We encourage you to review our documentation – such as knowledge base articles and user guides – to try to resolve any issues before contacting us. If you need clarification after you’ve reviewed our information, we’re happy to assist you.

Full configuration of your AvePoint products is not in scope. We focus on resolving the issues with your already configured AvePoint products. We will provide you with resources on how to do this, and when necessary assist with quick questions in a 15-minute session. We will not take control to perform the configurations – control will remain with you to encourage active learning.

Support ticket submissions will follow our normal SLA timeframes.

Dedicated resources for white glove service is not in scope. If you wish to have this type of service, we encourage you to review our maintenance and support services options.

For our MSPs, please keep the following points in mind

For onboarding, please refer to our enablement guidelines for our current scope.

If you encounter marketplace licensing problems, we can perform baseline troubleshooting. However, we strongly recommend you work with your marketplace’s support team for a more efficient resolution.


Maintenance & support services

Let our experts take care of managing the software we build. We provide timely, reliable service so you can spend your time focusing on other projects.


AvePoint Lifecycle Policy

AvePoint is committed to supporting your technology investment according to the included Lifecycle Policy.


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