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Accidents Will Happen. Protect Your Business-Critical Data with Salesforce Backup.

Data loss is a nightmare. Make sure it’s secure with Cloud Backup for Salesforce. With one-click setup, automated daily backups, Microsoft Azure Encryption, and comprehensive restore options, sweet dreams are assured.

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Worry-free protection

Once a day, automatic backup with the ability to schedule more. Data protection and retention requirements are always met.

Comprehensive restore

Access, search, and restore Salesforce data granularly or in bulk, at the organization, object, record, and field level.

Secure encryption

Data’s safe in the cloud. Breaches and attacks are no match for Microsoft Azure Encryption plus user account security.

Invested in Salesforce

Why do I need Salesforce backup?

You’ve invested in Salesforce…now you must protect your data. Even Salesforce says you need to back it up. They offer weekly or monthly exports depending on your license, but there is no longer a true native data protection service.

Recycle bin woes

Salesforce’s recycle bin holds deleted data for 15 days. Recycle bin’s full? Data’s permanently deleted, and users can even empty their own recycle bin.

Pressed for time

You can manually export your data, but you have to keep track of everything, and there is no restore function after the fact.

Metadata’s missing

Their manual export process doesn’t include metadata…it only holds customer data. So, kiss your reports, configuration settings, and dashboards goodbye.

Partners encouraged

Salesforce strongly encourages you to protect data via a partner backup solution, like AvePoint, to run full reports and export them to your desktop.

Recovery isn’t restoration

Salesforce replicates your live environment in real time, which means any records you’ve deleted—accidental or intentional—won’t be restored.

Salesforce Native Data & Metadata Backup ProtectionAvePoint

Haven’t you heard?

“As of July 31, 2020, Data Recovery service has been retired and no longer available as a service. “

That’s right. Salesforce has ceased offering its data protection service.

Depending on your license, you can still export your data on a weekly or monthly basis. But, you have to keep track of everything on your own and there is no native restore solution.

Salesforce now recommends reaching out to a third-party backup vendor like AvePoint to protect your data.

Automatic, daily, and comprehensive backup of data and metadata, or schedule it up to five times per day
Quickly restores data and metadata at organization, object, record, and field levels
Restoration of parent and child relationship records to ensure integrity
Out-of-place restore with full fidelity and user mapping to any connected production or sandbox Salesforce organization
Central command dashboard to run an extra backup, view usage graphs, and audit user activities
Audit user actions, including login, backup, and restore
100% cloud hosted, no installation or configuration. Encrypted and secure data protection
Cloud Backup for Salesforce

Salesforce backup is insurance for your business

You wouldn't drive without insurance. Don't work without backup. With Cloud Backup for Salesforce, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes time to perform or export a backup, create reports, restore, or secure new data—with just one click.

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Automated & ad-hoc

Prevent data loss—back it up every day the AvePoint way. Automated or ad-hoc, it’s up to you, schedule additional backups up to five times a day. All backup data is stored securely in Microsoft Azure.

Compare backups

Comparison reports let you see how your Salesforce objects and metadata have changed between backups, and help locate the entity you must restore, when you need it.

Flexible granular restore

Recover an entire Salesforce organization, an object, a record, or even a single field. Find and locate all via keyword search.

Point-in-time restore

Roll back your records and entities to a specific point in time, letting you roll back and overwrite unintended changes or deletions.

Delegated, end-user restore

Admins can centrally control restore processes, or power users can get involved to recover a record, or a record’s field(s) directly from Salesforce.

Status monitoring dashboard

Review backup and restore details, including records, time, and job status (of frequently used objects), like accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities.

User activity auditing

Gain full visibility of how your Salesforce backup and restore service is being used, including login, backup, and restore.

Reporting & auditing

Gain insight into Salesforce backups, restored data, run extra backups, view API usage, graphs, and user activity, and make audits.

Scale & security of the AvePoint Cloud

Hyperscale plus 256-bit encryption protects organizations of any size.

Learn about the AvePoint Cloud

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