Awesome #Office365 Resources For #Dropbox, #Box and #Google Customers Looking To Switch To #OneDrive

Post Date: 02/06/2018
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Awesome Office 365 Resources for New Customers

Boy am I excited! Microsoft just announced a new offer today to help Dropbox, Box and Google customers make the switch to OneDrive and Office 365. This competitive offer provides big value for end-users.

It’s certainly great timing for Microsoft which has just released a lot of compelling updates for OneDrive:

We know that customers naturally have questions when they are evaluating a move to a more integrated suite of solutions.

So to help Dropbox, Box and Google customers trying to figure out if they should take advantage of Microsoft’s limited offer, we have put together a quick list of resources to get you up to speed.

You Want to Move to Office 365 But Have Questions About Migration

We got you covered! We know migration projects can be challenging, but they don’t have to be.

We have an upcoming webinar later this month on the subject Migration Challenges that is perfect for Dropbox, Box and Google customers to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth transition.

Customers participating in the offer can leverage Microsoft’s FastTrack customer success service to migrate, but if you have a particularly complex environments or would like to do deeper analysis prior to you move, you can take advantage of our free pre-migration consultation with our migration experts.

You are Familiar with the Platforms But Want To Understand the Business Case for the Move

As one of the most comprehensive collaboration platforms, Office 365 solves a lot of challenges that occur when companies support multiple collaboration tools including:

  • Log-in and password management
  • User training
  • Shadow IT and security issues
  • Version control
  • And more

Our own Nick Carr wrote a blog post recently further breaking down the business case for Office 365 versus other collaboration platforms.

You Want to Learn More about Teams and Office 365

Want a quick, visual summary? Check out our infographic on the Office 365 collaboration ecosystem and when to use what. We also have blog posts to provide an overview of Teams as well as the latest Teams updates.

Want a deep dive? Check out our recent eBooks on:

But Wait, What About After We Migrate to Office 365?

We got you covered there too! Check out my webinar on how to Accelerate your Office 365 Success or catch it on-demand.


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