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Get moving with DocAve Migrators…

DocAve Migrators support every stage of your hybrid migration project and provide you with assessment, planning, and reporting capabilities. SharePoint or OneDrive migration is easy! Quickly consolidate enterprise content from legacy systems or Microsoft SharePoint 2007 into SharePoint Server or Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive.

Pre-migration discovery

Inventory source environments with detailed discovery and pre-scan, to find out what you’ve got before you migrate

Effective migration

Easily transfer content from LiveLink, Lotus Notes, eRooms, and other legacy repositories to SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 via a simple point-and-click interface

Legacy protection

Minimize business disruptions by ensuring critical legacy information is preserved in SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365

High-speed migration

Overcome throttling limitations in Microsoft Office 365 migration, and accelerate your cutover to the cloud

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Scan, migrate, & monitor content

A fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for migrating business-critical content. Easily plan, schedule, and implement the consolidation of multiple content sources into the platform and maximize your return on investment.


Identify the project’s scope and detect illegal elements that must be mapped before SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 migration

Flexible settings

Configure O365 migration plans according to business needs and perform test runs to validate migration plan configuration

Accurate migration

Preserve all metadata with full fidelity, and utilize customizable mappings to properly represent legacy elements

Incremental migration

Subsequently transfer content that’s been updated since the last migration to keep network bandwidth resources optimized

Project monitor

Track the migration project status through detailed job reports and validate content before migration implementation and end-user rollout


Ready. Set. Go!

Get your migration project up-and-running with AvePoint.