AvePoint commissioned an in-depth study of 100+ records management professionals in local, state and federal government departments and agencies across Australia.

In the face of resource and change management challenges, records management professionals have made great strides in managing new types of records generated across a rising number of IT systems.

However, the study also found key areas where record managers can improve around classification, disposition and prioritisation.

It’s more important than ever that government records managers and their organisational leaders understand the rapidly changing landscape of records and information management.

Our RM experts Alyssa Blackburn, Director of Information Strategy at AvePoint and Tim Sheedy, Analyst at Ecosystm have annotated the research findings throughout the report and shared actionable insights and recommendations.

Uncover the readiness, maturity and challenges of public sector's records management practices in the digital era in this free report. Don't fall behind in your records management compliance journey without even realising it!

  • SECTION 1 Executive Summary
  • SECTION 2 Who We Are
  • SECTION 3 Maturity and Challenges
  • SECTION 4 System Oversight
  • SECTION 5 Classification
  • SECTION 6 Transfer to Archival Authority
  • SECTION 7 Case Studies and Additional Resources

A peek at what's inside...

" The fact that nearly 70% of people surveyed said that users find record managers processes too complex should be a wake up call for records managers everywhere. The more complex things are, the less users will want to engage. Removing user burden in managing information is a key factor to success! " SECTION 5 - Classification