Steps to Securing Collaboration in the World of Remote Work

With the average company using 137 SaaS apps to date, SaaS spend is on the rise—up by 50% since 2018. And while SaaS apps serve as a cornerstone of today’s hybrid work productivity, they also create troublesome security issues.

Given the sheer number of services available, IT teams struggle to keep pace with maintenance and the cyber risks taking advantage of SaaS vulnerabilities—especially for free apps you may be unaware users are downloading.

So, how can you approach securing this veritable riptide of SaaS collaboration apps from a constructive perspective?

Join us to get 5 essential steps to support safe collaboration for hybrid and remote work in platforms like Microsoft 365.

Your SaaS backup responsibilities
How to simplify M365 license management
Enforcing a single view to delegate controls
And more

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