Webinar - mei 19, 11:00A.M.

You’ve deployed M365, now what?

Learn the best strategies to seamlessly employ operational governance in your M365 environment


Drive good user behavior with Cloud Governance

Get more value from your Cloud Governance capabilities by leveraging an updated and automated Renewal process.

Webinar - jun. 8, 10:00A.M.

What does SaaS Operations Management mean for a modern workplace?

Learn how getting up-to-date with current SaaS management practices can help you streamline and scale your organization, and the steps you can take to get there!


How to Modernize Digital Learning and Exam Delivery with Microsoft 365

Learn how to equip teachers and students with a holistic learning platform to collaborate and transform traditional learning systems into digital formats in a trusted hybrid mode.


Guest User Access and External Sharing in Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Download this AvePoint eBook to learn how to develop and enforce the right external user access policy for your organization.


5 Critical Tips to Protect Against Ransomware Attacks

Learn handy best practices for ransomware protection including a response and recovery checklist and recommended solutions in the event of an attack.


Breaking the SaaSOps Barrier in M365

Discover how using AvePoint Entrust can help you monitor user activity, improve troubleshooting, and empower your team to work more efficiently than ever before.


Safeguard Your Microsoft 365 Data

Discover how Cloud Backup for M365’s new machine-learning-based ransomware attack detection and long-term invariable backups help you ensure organizational business continuity.


Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Collaboration

Learn how over 200 organisations in the UK enabled seamless business continuity amid COVID-19, where they face security challenges today, and what they are prioritising in the next six months.


Migrating to M365 – Make the Move from Hybrid to Cloud

Everything you need to know when migrating from a hybrid deployment to the cloud-only Microsoft 365. Learn key tips for planning a cloud migration, maintaining data safety and business continuity, and empowering your users.


 5 Essential Steps to Support Safe Collaboration for Hybrid Work

Learn how SaaS management solutions from AvePoint support secure hybrid work and deliver strong insights to help IT admins manage costs and evolve as organizational needs change.


Meet the Changing Needs of Data Protection in Cloud and SaaS Applications

In this webinar, you’ll learn how SaaS management solutions support a modern and agile approach that supports safe, user-empowered productivity.