Messukeskus Backs Up More than 6 TB, Advanced Workloads in Microsoft Dynamics and Teams

Kritieke behoeften

  • Reliable backup for Office 365
  • Self service restoration capabilities
  • Dynamics back up and protection

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Success Highlights

  • Successfully backing up more than 6 terabytes of data across Microsoft 365 and Dynamics
  • Unlimited retention of data including advanced workloads in Microsoft Teams
  • Ability to provide end users self-restore options
quote We have been very satisfied. The product has provided the features that we were promised. This backup solution saves us time for other tasks and we can trust this product quote
Antti Rautalin Systems Manager, Messukeskus

Customer Profile

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre is an international venue that promotes Finnish trade and industry by enabling profitable face-to-face contact in trade shows, congresses, and other events. They have 300 users and 6.7 terabytes of data in Microsoft 365.

Messukeskus began its migration to Microsoft 365 in 2016. While initially challenging due to the large amount of data they managed, they had most of their critical working data within the platform prior to the COVID-19 pandemic enabling their users to easily work from home.

De uitdaging

As the systems manager for Messukeskus, Antti Rautalin’s responsibilities include physical and virtual servers; virtual infrastructure; and backup systems. He realized Messukeskus would need a third-party backup provider for the critical business data being stored within Microsoft 365.

“Our most important data is in Teams, Exchange Online and OneDrive,” said Rautalin. “We knew Microsoft is not responsible for that data and the restore options they provide are limited to very narrow timeslots and options.”

Of particular concern was the data stored within Microsoft Teams.

“We have complex structures in Teams and we needed a backup solution that would back up the whole structure with one click and then restore that data just as easily,” said Rautalin.

De AvePoint oplossing

With Cloud Backup, Messukeskus is now assured their Office 365 and Dynamics 365 data is backed up and protected.

“We have one headache less to deal with now that we don’t have to worry about backup storage, thanks to the AvePoint Cloud Backup unlimited retention option,” said Rautalin.

Cloud2, Messukeskus’s technology provider and advisor, illustrated how their services and AvePoint’s Cloud Backup were able to meet all of Messukeskus’ requirements, such as:

  • Same product to provide Office 365 and Dynamics 365 backup.
  • Teams must be backed up and restored with the whole structure of the Team’s Group (chats, files, messages, etc.).
  • Unlimited storage license available to enable cost projections for future years.
  • User-friendly interface for administrators and self-service portal for users.

“AvePoint provided all of these, so the choice was clear,” said Rautalin.

Messukeskus has also found AvePoint Cloud Backup’s interface easy to use to restore data for both administrators and end users with the help of AvePoint’s Microsoft Teams chatbot AVA (AvePoint Virtual Assistance).

“We don’t have to do restores very often, but when it has been necessary, we have always found a version of the file the user is happy with,” said Rautalin. “We are also using the AVA AvePoint Virtual Assistance for self-service restores. Our users are happy with it.


Messukeskus has finally found a cloud backup solution with unlimited retention that can backup all the related components across a Team with user-friendly restoration functionality.

“We have made a few recoveries and experiences are good. In all cases we have been able to recover the needed files, folders, or email messages,” said Rautalin.

When asked about his overall experience with AvePoint and Cloud Backup, he said:

“We have been very satisfied. The product has provided the features that we were promised. This backup solution saves us time for other tasks and we can trust this product.”