Skill AS

Skill is an IT consulting company with over 100 consultants in 2 locations, in Sarpsborg and Oslo. We deliver business-critical solutions and implement these in a way that ensures that you get the benefits that the investment in technological solutions will provide. Our employees are recognized for their high competence in Microsoft technology and an application according to best practice.

Skill delivers technology based on Microsoft's broad technology portfolio - with a focus on creating productive and efficient work processes, committed customer journeys, insight and data platforms, as well as a modern and secure infrastructure that scales.

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  • PAYS Norway
  • TYPE PARTENAIRE Reseller, Value Added Reseller
  • Secteur Agriculture, Informatique, SLG, Federal, Environnement, Conseil, Sport, Ingénierie, Transport et logistique, Voyages, Distribution, Secteur public, But non lucratif, Télécommunications, Construction, Services de santé, Fabrication, Médias et divertissement, Technology, Immobilier, Recherche, Pharmaceutique, Énergie/Approvisionnement public, Juridique, Assurance, Industrials, General Services, Services financiers, Éducation, Services professionnels