PT Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia

Xapiens is a full-service Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) company.

With over a decade of experience in serving top tier companies, we offer a variety of solutions and services designed to add value at both user and enterprise levels.

Our development domain has expertise in Microsoft and AvePoint technologies.

We empower our teams to build high-quality applications and automated systems.

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  • PAYS Indonesia
  • TYPE PARTENAIRE Solutions Partner, Value Added Reseller
  • Secteur Agriculture, Informatique, SLG, Federal, Environnement, Conseil, Sport, Ingénierie, Transport et logistique, Voyages, Distribution, Secteur public, Télécommunications, Construction, Services de santé, Fabrication, Médias et divertissement, Technology, Immobilier, Recherche, Pharmaceutique, Énergie/Approvisionnement public, Juridique, Assurance, Industrials, General Services, Services financiers, Éducation, Services professionnels