Proexes is a company for software services specialized in expert advice, outsourcing of software developments and complex solutions for big enterprises and organizations of both private and public sector.

The experience of our team in leading areas of the business is supported by innovative technological solutions.

Our proven team expertise covers all key stages of the software life cycle:

  • system integration
  • IT consulting
  • business analysis
  • development
  • testing and maintenance
  • maintenance and support

With us the digital transformation of your business means a fast quality solution of precisely defined problems in the most efficient way.

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  • PAYS Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia
  • TYPE PARTENAIRE Consultant/Prof Services
  • Secteur Distribution, Secteur public, Télécommunications, Services de santé, Fabrication, Médias et divertissement, Technology, Pharmaceutique, Énergie/Approvisionnement public, Services financiers, Éducation