CDL SYSTEM is a stable IT company with more than 25 years of experience. Our goal is to provide our customers right solutions and high quality services. Long-term cooperation with customers is a key indicator of success for us.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions:

  • Design and implementation of IT infrastructure (cloud and on-premise),
  • design and implementation of systems supporting cooperation (portals, DMS, conferencing, emailing, etc.),
  • implementation of information systems (ERP, CRM) and vertical solutions including analysis (BI),
  • specialized IT services for all areas mentioned above (studies, outsourcing, cloud computing)

We will be happy to assist you with backup of your cloud infrastructure, but also in other areas of infrastructure and information systems.

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  • PAYS Czech Republic
  • TYPE PARTENAIRE Value Added Reseller
  • Secteur Agriculture, Informatique, SLG, Federal, Environnement, Conseil, Sport, Ingénierie, Transport et logistique, Voyages, Distribution, Secteur public, But non lucratif, Télécommunications, Construction, Services de santé, Fabrication, Médias et divertissement, Technology, Immobilier, Recherche, Pharmaceutique, Énergie/Approvisionnement public, Juridique, Assurance, Industrials, General Services, Services financiers, Éducation