risual is a UK based, globally recognised IT services organisation, delivering business aligned consultancy solutions and service. risual is recognised for its ability to connect with both the business and IT through its experience, expertise and deep technical knowledge of Microsoft technologies. As one of Microsoft’s Strategic partners in the UK, risual has proven its technical skills and its ability to deliver world class Microsoft solutions to its customers. risual is genuinely interested in the issues facing a business, and working together with the organisation to find the right solution, providing the best advice available.

risual has created Business Grade Collaboration solutions which provide business focussed IT solutions that include years of service delivery knowledge and experience, industry leading Microsoft integration and replace the need for reactive, unplanned and costly point solutions. Based on the Microsoft Office® suite of products and in particular SharePoint Server, Business Grade Collaboration will:

  • Reduce the time taken to find business critical information
  • Support location independent working through simplified information access
  • Support governance objectives in relation to data access and protection
  • Improve efficiency through the automation of manual tasks
  • Remove barriers to sharing information with customers, colleagues and partners
  • Deliver simple and intuitive integrated document & records management
  • Manage content through retention policies and versioning
  • Support both cloud and on-premise practices

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  • Country United Kingdom
  • Partner Type Consultant/Prof Services
  • Industrie Manufacturing, Financial Services