Enovade Sdn. Bhd.

Enovade is a diversified services and IT solution provider which provide your organization what it needs to continuously align and optimize people, process and technology. We offers IT Consulting Services that help our clients manage their IT investments, automate their business processes and providing them with the components that increases their productivity and reduces the total cost of ownership.

We strategically apply best practices to all our core competencies to ensure superior quality services and maximum customer satisfaction:.

- Advance Infrastructure
Having a solid and reliable infrastructure is crucial to every business. At Enovade, our dedication is ensuring that all your infrastructure needs are met. We will work closely with your IT department in planning, deploying, implementing and supporting client/server products and technologies.

- Collaboration Services
A standard out-of-the-box portal packages no longer can meet today’s agile businesses. At Enovade, we extend SharePoint features to an enterprise level that can meet customers’ business process and also to provide a reliable platform that can better manage critical information.

- Software Development
What can be purchased off the shelf today may not meet your specific requirements, sometimes a tailored software solution is required to meet your specific business objectives. With our certified and experienced professionals, we help our clients to analyze their requirements and then plan, develop, implement and support the software solution which enables their businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

- SOA Technology
We are specializing on SOA technologies where we can help your organization understand, design, and implement an IT strategy that includes an SOA with all of the appropriate Governance processes. Our Solution and Technical Architects can provide your organization with the necessary insight to become a truly agile business.

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