DocAve Enhances Nemak Linz GmbH's Document Management System with Backup, Archival, and Management Features

Kritieke behoeften

  • Centralized permission management system for 500+ employees
  • Granular & daily incremental backup functionality
  • Efficient archiving

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  • Nemak Linz GmbH
  • Locatie van de klant Linz, Austria
  • Industrie Technology
  • Platform SharePoint 2016
  • AvePoint oplossingenBackup & RestoreDocAve

Success Highlights

  • Reduced total restoration time cost by 60 percent
  • Archival of content has reduced storage cost and content size
  • Simple and easy workflow for granular incremental backs for entire SharePoint environment
  • Centralized management platform mitigates human-error
quote "With the use of DocAve, our SharePoint backup, managements and archival processes have improved drastically." quote
Daniela Hartner Nemak Linz GmbH

Customer Profile

Nemak is a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of aluminum components for powertrain and body structure applications. The company employs more than 23,000 people at 38 facilities worldwide, generating revenues of US $4.3 billion in 2016.

De uitdaging

Up until 2003, Nemak Linz leveraged Lotus Notes for all their data storage needs. Once SharePoint 2003 was released and promised a better document management system, they decided to make the migration.

Nemak Linz has decided to leverage the SharePoint platform as a Document Management System mostly comprising of electronic forms. Linz’s SharePoint environment consists of about 550 GB of data—a relatively large amount of data compared to the userbase of approximately 500 employees.

Following their SharePoint migration, Nemak adopted a third-party backup solution that later became unusable. This prompted the evaluation of several third-party solutions as the company’s workflow became dependent on a backup solution. Nemak’s requirements included granular recovery, out-of-place-restore and a simple user interface.

De AvePoint oplossing

Every week Nemak Linz is performing a scheduled full backup down to the granular level while also performing daily incremental backups.

Backup and recovery of their SharePoint environment in its entirety could not have been done in such a simple and easy fashion without the adoption of DocAve.

“DocAve has reduced the time spent reporting e-mails and restoring to a minimum. Restoring an individual item would take up to 10 minutes before DocAve, now it only takes a few minutes at most.”

Nemak Linz also benefits from utilizing other modules of the DocAve solution such as its centralized management platform. DocAve Administrator’s central administration functionality combined with a unified authorization concept has provided an extensive return on their investment.

In particular, Nemak Linz has found DocAve’s Archiver module to be one of the largest benefits provided by the platform. Actively archiving outdated content keeps their environment fresh and lowers the overall size of content. They are also using Archiver to ensure they meet both legal and ISO regulations.

“We selected AvePoint due to a trusted and close customer/supplier recommending the solutions,” said Daniela. “With the use of DocAve, our SharePoint backup, management and archival processes has improved dramatically. Now we recommend the solution to others when asked.”


Nemak Linz can now rest assured with the comfort that their data management has a much more secure and streamlined workflow.

The increase in speed and decrease in risk has provided the IT team freedom to focus on their future with SharePoint.

AvePoint will be kept close and considered for any future significant issues or changes with their Document Management System.

Daniela confidently states that AvePoint Support “is always friendly and solves all problems within a short period of time.”

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