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Organizations are constantly searching for innovative and readily available technologies to drive more productivity from stagnant, legacy processes and methodologies.

Equip your end users with intuitive tools to easily share information and keep everyone on the same page. Track usage trends and gain analytical insights on user processes to create an effective workspace.

Smarter solutions. Better results.

Productivity With AvePoint Software

What does AvePoint software do for your end users?

Cut the clutter from your workflows by surfacing existing SharePoint information in simplified user interfaces. Make better, more actionable decisions by empowering users to document, audit, collect and analyze business information efficiently.

SharePoint Meetings

SharePoint Meetings

Outsmart the chaos. Bring our innovation to your meetings.

Don't let your meetings become stagnant and inefficient. With AvePoint Meetings, seamlessly maintain accountability and capture auditable records of actions, notes, and outcomes to bring order and efficiency to your meetings.

SharePoint Analytics

SharePoint Analytics

Empowering Analytics. Elegant Dashboard. Microsoft SharePoint Intelligence at Your Fingertips.

DocAve Analytics simplifies the monitoring and reporting of SharePoint site usage with graphic displays on Windows 8, enabling you to make proactive and intelligent site management decisions.

Customer Testimonials

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