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Read “Understanding the State of the Hybrid SharePoint Ecosystem” to find out:

  • Why customers would rather stay on-prem
  • How to address fears and challenges of moving from SharePoint to the cloud
  • How customers are addressing these challenges through hybrid SharePoint solutions
  • About security and administrative implications of maintaining a hybrid SharePoint environment

Christian Buckley of CollabTalk LLC, along with the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, will bring the findings of their study straight to your inbox.

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AvePoint + Hybrid Management Solutions = So. Much. Potential.


DocAve lets organizations effectively scale the management of multiple SharePoint farm deployments, facilitate movement to the cloud and enable coexistence of both on-prem and online environments.

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Compliance Guardian

AvePoint Compliance Guardian helps compliance and security officers minimize the risk of privacy violations, malicious threats or unintended data leakage for Office 365, SharePoint, web applications and websites.

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Governance Automation

DocAve Governance Automation enables data governance by providing your SharePoint and SharePoint Online users with a business-centric, role-based service catalog to request configurable services.

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DocAve Connector

DocAve Connector extends the powers of Office 365 by presenting file share content in your SharePoint and SharePoint Online environments without migration.

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Check out our blog series with Christian Buckley:
Top Concerns with Hybrid SharePoint

Christian Buckley

Christian Buckley

Microsoft MVP, CEO and Founder of CollabTalk

Christian is an award-winning and globally-recognized author, technology evangelist, and 7-time Microsoft MVP. He is the co-author of three books on SharePoint, and three on software configuration management and has a long entrepreneurial history, including forming his first software company while earning his MBA in Technology Management, and sold the company to Rational Software in 2001.


My initial foray into the world of SharePoint involved a migration. While it was a small volume of content, the information was business-critical, and the customer wanted to understand the entire process, what would be moved and how, and wanted to see...

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Administration Complexity

While Microsoft is working quickly to expand support for hybrid capabilities, organizations need to understand that administering a hybrid environment is slightly more complex than point-and-click. Depending on what you plan to include within your hybrid environment, you may need to...

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Moving Customizations

When talking with customers who are considering moving their SharePoint environments to the cloud, there are two primary concerns that always seem to top the list: data sensitivity/sovereignty, followed closely by the issue of moving...

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Connecting to Legacy Data

In this series, I have talked about migrating content, and the increasingly complex issue of administration across a hybrid SharePoint environment – with the topic of connecting to legacy data fitting right in between these two topics. For many customers, SharePoint has long served...

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Demonstrating Value

Since the launch of SharePoint nearly 20 years ago, customers have asked "What is the return on investment (ROI) of SharePoint?" Of course, there is no single way to answer that question. For some organizations, business value can be shown through...

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Organizational Disruption

One of the major concerns for any organization interested in upgrading their SharePoint environment, whether moving to the latest on-premises version or considering their move to the cloud, is the impact any change...

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