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Why Connectivity is at the Heart of Citizen Services

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Staying Connected with Citizen Services

Keeping field workers and citizens connected to service centers and engaged with the incident reporting process is key to successful citizen services implementation. Once a government service center receives data, reported from either an IoT-enabled device or reported by a citizen, dispatchers can easily analyze and verify data.

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Once an issue has been confirmed, unified systems can then easily schedule a visit from a maintenance team and track progress. This allows agencies to determine how long it takes for issues to be resolved and how to improve processes to increase efficiency.

IoT solution accelerators, Office 365, Dynamics, and AvePoint Citizen Services all offer public sector service centers with a streamlined, integrated way to use data, make decisions, and take action in more efficient ways.

Check out the infographic below for more on the incident report process and why strong communication is vital throughout.

citizen services

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Brent Middleton
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