Microsoft Teams: Adopt, Don't Stop

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, AvePoint solutions set you up for success in Teams. Whether data and content are spread across disparate file shares, on-prem email servers, in other cloud or collab platforms—or your Teams have already sprawled out of control—we can help!

Microsoft Teams Management Solution
Microsoft Teams Management That Grows With You

Evolve & grow

Map and migrate mail, files, and collaboration—including existing Team Sites, channels, and users—into a desired Teams’ structure, within or across Office 365 tenants!

Prevent Sprawl and Guide Your Team with our MS Teams Solution

Guide the way

Once in Teams, make the right thing easy to do. Guide users with tailored options and apps that are available for them based on their role, purpose or location.

Monitor Microsoft Teams Adoption With AvePoint

Monitor adoption

Keep track of your Teams inventory with detailed reports to help you oversee, automate, and audit Teams’ data, ownership, access, activity, and more.

Slide into Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re moving from Slack, G Suite, tenant to tenant, or any other cloud or legacy server platform, we’ll help ensure a speedy and successful slide into Teams! Score a home run with AvePoint’s migration platforms which consolidate mail, files, and collaboration info into Microsoft Teams and Office 365 faster than you can say #winning.

Use AvePoint's FLY to Easily Migrate To Microsoft Teams

Slack to Teams

Migrate each Slack Channel into its own Team, or consolidate multiple Slack channels with similar membership into one Team with multiple channels.

Tenant to tenant

Migrate Teams into other Office 365 instances or restructure within your current instance. Map channels individually to ensure information architecture.

G Suite to Teams

Speedily move G Suite, G Drives, group drive files and mailboxes files into Office 365 while preserving the content’s permissions and metadata.

Legacy servers to Teams

Ensure efficient and smooth migration from legacy SharePoint and FileSystems into Office 365.

Use AVA by AvePoint to Simplify Your Management of MS Teams

Protect Your Microsoft Investment

Teams delivers content, data, and collaboration across Office 365 services in a single modern workspace—so it’s critical you cover your SaaS. Make sure your Teams’ mail, files, SharePoint sites, users, and even Planner tasks stay in sync, and are easily recoverable. Accidents happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Built-in governance

Enable controlled release or roll-out of new Teams and Office 365 features to according to your own policies.

Managed disposition

Let users identify Teams that are ready for archival or deletion, or trigger disposal based on inactivity or lease expiration once their purpose has been served.

You NEED MyHub

MyHub provides one location within Teams where users can find, access, and request resources, break down data silos, minimize searching, and more.

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Empower end users

Ensure users can recover content on demand with AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant. She helps users find and restore lost content from within Teams!

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Microsoft Teams Services

Let us help you! With AvePoint at your service, you’ll never have to contemplate the who, what, when, where, why and how associated with the deployment, migration and adoption of Teams. Quite simply, we’ve got the tools, workshops and best practices to ensure your journey to—and through—Teams is smooth like butter.

Our Microsoft Teams Services Will Simplify Your Management and Migration

Teams Governance Workshop

Our tailored, interactive workshop will help you define and clarify governance in the context of Teams, and ensure you get started on the right path.

Teams Best Practice Assessments

We'll provide a starter Teams governance policy outline, a best practices assessment and a mapping exercise for Teams use cases.

Teams Governance Pilot

We'll provide a detailed analysis, suggest tools and techniques to implement IT governance, then execute a governance pilot using Office 365 and the cloud.

Intelligent Surge Management

Teams surging? Or need help getting started? This rapid, two-week deployment of products + services, helps you automate Teams management, fast.

Expand Your Teams Knowledge!

The more you know, the more powerful you'll be in Teams! Check out some of our favorite blogs, eBooks, and webinars written and hosted by some of the brightest minds at AvePoint!

Microsoft Teams Products and Services

MS Teams Cloud Governance Solution

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

MS Teams Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights

View trends in activity, content, and site usage to see where, when, and which content is most active per site, or across deployment via dashboards.

MS Teams Hybrid Migration

FLY: Cloud & SharePoint Migration

Migrate email, files, and other cloud systems (even other Microsoft 365 tenants!) into Microsoft 365. Or, migrate files and previous versions into SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams Migration

Migration as a Service

Sure, we offer industry best products for migrating your Office 365 and SharePoint content. But why do it yourself when you can have someone do it for you?

MyHub for Microsoft Teams Management


All your Teams, Groups, and Sites, huddled together.

MS Teams Permissions and Policy Management

Policies & Insights

Reduce IT’s security burden. Easily find, prioritize, fix, and enforce controls for permissions, membership, and configuration. All your workspaces, completely secure.