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Our award-winning edtech solutions power educational innovation and redefine the modern learning experience.

Digital Learning

Digital Learning for Modern Education

  • Attract Learners: Provide computer-aided micro-learning that suits today's mobile learner – access learning anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Support Academic Staff: Help instructors and administrators to manage courses and deliver customized, immersive and collaborative learning for now and the future.
  • Enhance Management: Find curriculum strengths and weaknesses to improve learning with actionable insights and learner analytics.
An Inclusive Online

An Inclusive Online Exam System for Everyone

  • Exam Scheduling & Planning: A quick and easy way to create and manage exams for your students and staff. You can customize exam types, materials, resources and schedules with our smart tools and automation.
  • Question & Paper Crafting: Create and manage secure exams with custom questions, approval workflows, and easy student registration.
  • Intuitive Exam Experience: A simple and secure exam platform that offers personalized dashboards, device compatibility, intelligent proctoring, and smart authentication.
The Ultimate Platform

The Ultimate Platform to Accelerate Lifelong Learning

  • Automate Course & Program Administration: Simplify course and program administration, in order to collaborate and track progress, completions, payments, assessments, and more in real-time.
  • Accelerate Student Success: Our intuitive student portal simplifies course applications, learning activities, and grant eligibility for students.
  • Boost Educators’ Productivity: Simplify teaching by automating attendance, claims, grading, and scheduling, and allows flexible make up sessions.
  • Superior Integration and Extensibility: Connect your education community with instant services and integrate with your existing HR, payroll, finance, learning, and assessment systems.
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Curricula has helped us offer the highest quality professional development courses and streamline all of the administration activities associated with that. It has been a mission critical solution for online course delivery and tightens our alignment with the national SkillsFuture initiative.

Mr. Neo Wei Woon

Director, SQI International Pte Ltd

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