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Digital Workplace Transformation starts with your people.

The state of where and how an employee works is at the forefront of all employee experience discussions, and it is pushing organizations to support new ways of working that will support their digital workplace. How do digital transformation leaders translate this strategy into real, tangible improvements and success? With AvePoint’s Confidence Platform, advance digital workplace enablement to inspire, drive and transform your organization.

Modernize Data

Cloud migration ensures your data is in the right place and supports new ways of working.

Upskill Workforces

Create a culture that puts digital dexterity at the forefront of workforce enablement.

Measure Transformation

Accelerate cloud adoption by understanding employee engagement and collaboration.

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Build Your Digital Workplace with AvePoint

We decided to partner with AvePoint because we trusted them to ensure our data migration was compliant, comprehensive, and quick. Beyond the success rate with migrations, AvePoint’s experience in user adoption and the off-the-shelf Microsoft 365 training were huge pluses. With it, we can quickly tailor a range of training content in line with the University’s needs and deliver them before the migration completes, ensuring our users are properly and successfully onboarded.

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Accelerate Cloud Migration

AvePoint Fly makes it easy to migrate all your data to Microsoft 365. Fly simplifies the entire process of migration by providing flexibility to choose your own migration paths, without the need for a lot of technical expertise. Ensure your data is safe and cloud migration smooth with real-time monitoring, granular scheduling, and complete security. Whether it is email, files, or even social media data, Fly can handle it all, making it the ultimate cloud migration tool.

Discover and Filter Data

Transform Workflows and Enhance Metadata

Flexible Scheduling and Validation Reporting

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Upskill Your Workforce

Bridge the digital skills gap with MaivenPoint Curricula. Centralize training content, eliminate silos, and empower employees to access courses within Microsoft Teams. Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment by tracking usage, identifying low adoption, and optimizing licenses. Curricula delivers effective training outcomes, reduces work duplication for L&D admins and managers.

Streamline L&D Administration

Centralize Course Content in Teams

Seamless Learning in Microsoft Teams

Enhance Engagement and Communication around Training

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Maximize Cloud Adoption

Gain invaluable insights into Microsoft 365 usage with AvePoint's tyGraph for Adoption and ROI. Identify low adoption areas, intervene proactively, and optimize license usage. Track tool usage, uncover underutilization, and capture the full value of your Microsoft 365 investment. tyGraph for SharePoint allows you to create customized dashboards and share insights across your organization, ensuring informed decision-making.

Track ROI and Optimize Tool Usage

Understand User Activity Across the Digital Workplace

Proactive Intervention for Higher Adoption

Optimize Licenses and Reduce Waste


AvePoint Products for Digital Workplace Enablement

AvePoint Fly Server

Azure-hosted SaaS solution for Microsoft 365 workload migration or tenant restructuring when responding to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

AvePoint Fly Server


Enable new and better ways of learning with an immersive, engaging online experience maximizing the impact for every student.



Turn insights into impact, empowering leaders to make data-driven decisions.