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Public Sector Migration Handbook

  • Chapter 1: Government Tech in the Age of Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 2: Identifying Business Requirements
    • Exploring the Cloud through Hybrid Solutions
    • Compliance with Cybersecurity Regulations
    • Balancing Business Needs and Usability
    • Set up a Manageable Migration
  • Chapter 3: Considerations for RFI
    • Overcoming Cybersecurity Concerns
    • The Fewer Contracts, the Better
  • Chapter 4: Considerations for RFP
    • Realistic Expectations with Timelines
    • Spring Cleaning for Cloud Migrations
    • File Structures—Depth and Breadth
    • Customizations and Thinking Beyond Out-of-the-Box
  • Chapter 5: Migration and Beyond
    • Preparing for Migration
    • Managing Beyond the Cloud Migration
    • What about Microsoft Teams?
    • Are you Ready to Move to the Cloud
Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

How Public Sector Organizations Can Move to Office 365

Government agencies, from the local to federal level, have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads.

The daunting task of data discovery, classification, clean-up and migration can pose an obstacle to agencies seeking to take advantage of all that Office 365 and cloud solutions have to offer.

Our eBook provides clear answers to the questions you’re asking:

  •  Should I explore a hybrid solution?
  •  How do I identify business requirements for my migration that balance security with usability?
  •  How can I best use the RFI process to discover what’s possible for my migration?
  •  How can I structure my RFP to accelerate time to deployment?
  •  Should I do a pilot migration?

Whether you’re a government executive, IT professional, or program manager this guide is for you.

A Peek at What's Inside...

Hybrid solutions provide increased flexibility for IT and business while phasing in more robust cloud deployments. Most government agencies start with Exchange Online. This means email services are cloud-based and can still integrate seamlessly with on-prem solutions like SharePoint 2016.

The GSA’s advice is to ensure that a hybrid approach will “support the mission of the agency, as well as the current information technology strategy.” - Chapter 2 Exploring the Cloud Through Hybrid Solutions