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Extend the collaborative power of on-premises SharePoint beyond the walls of your organization. Boost productivity—enable users to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime—while maintaining security over the on-premises and Office 365 content shared with robust administrator options.

Eliminate shadow IT

Users no longer need to turn to Dropbox, Google, or other file sharing solutions outside the purview of IT control

Unify productivity

Information workers can share content from approved libraries with just a click in the SharePoint ribbon

Secure & controlled

Maintain administrative control and ensure security over content shared by external users

Access auditing

Enforce compliance…monitor for and respond to alerts about suspicious file shares, remote access, and content downloads

Perimeter User Inferface for SharePoint and Office 365

Share files securely & seamlessly

Securely collaborate with external partners and users directly from SharePoint and Office 365 without creating separate partner portals or extranets.

Secure share

Shared content is replicated to a secure container to ensure your internal content is always protected

In-app sharing

Allow users to share directly from SharePoint or Office 365 libraries

Sharing options

External users can read, edit, or upload content to your secure Perimeter workspace and changes will be synced

Access expiration

Grant temporary rights for users to access and modify shared content

Remote access management

Control access to SharePoint and Office 365 content based on document sensitivity, location, or metadata.

Audit access

Centralize control for AvePoint Perimeter administrators to define where and how sensitive documents are viewed or accessed

Sharing controls

Restrict sharing by setting rules based on content metadata, permissions, domains, expiration dates, etc


Easily manage external user accounts and define password requirements for accessing the external portal

Be alarmed

Track, monitor, and get alerts on suspicious content actions, including inappropriate access, downloads, or shares

Detailed reports

Generate and export granular, customized reports on SharePoint activity, like content access, sharing, and downloads

Mobile access

Remotely access SharePoint through these mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android™ platform and Windows Phone

Perimeter User Interface for SharePoint and Office 365

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