Risk management, revisited

Automate risk, privacy and security programs across your enterprise with AvePoint Compliance Guardian. Satisfy internal or external requirements to evaluate, analyze, resolve and report on policies, data flows, and processes. Operationalize risk management by creating an overarching system that lets you say you’re going to achieve compliance, do it, and then prove it.

Comprehensive risk insight

Automatically assess and report on risk across your systems and processes to gain insight into security, privacy, third-party, supply chain and regulatory risks.

Rate & prioritize risk

Rate risks based on severity, cost, and likelihood of being impacted, to effectively prioritize necessary privacy and security controls and actions.

Privacy & security by design

Implement a risk model with your required privacy and security policies, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your systems and processes.

Automate risk & breach response

Complete the cycle of risk identification and assessment, from discovery and prioritization, to workflow-driven reaction, correction, and monitoring.

AvePoint Compliance Guardian has greatly enhanced the information security of our entire SharePoint system and reduced the burden on both our management and workforce.

Qingxian Shi

Chief Information Officer, Wah Lee Industrial Corp

Solutions Provided

Connector, Enterprise Risk, Compliance, & Data Protection

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Discover privacy & security risks

To successfully build a risk management program, first understand not only what data exists, but also its context so you can build policies and controls around how it’s collected, stored, and used. Perform risk-based assessments and generate actionable insights with smarter data.

Data maps

Establish and visualize associations among IT assets, data subjects, business processes, third parties, and jurisdictions.

Data flow

Automated data flow inventories let you find out where data lives and what it’s being used for during its lifecycle.

Record inventory

Establish an inventory of records by creating logs or bulk-import your record details from existing systems, such as ServiceNow, with our connectors.

Automate impact assessments

Automatically assess how individual users or teams collect, store, manage, and dispose of regulated data.

Spot risks early

Identify risks before they become costly fines. Pinpoint where, and how often risk-defined process or system gaps are found.


Quickly understand the state of your compliance, and distribute key security-trimmed insights to executive teams or regulatory bodies.

Define and implement privacy and security policies. Automate breach response.

No need to start from scratch. We make it easy to map organizational policies to common regulatory requirements to monitor and mitigate security and privacy risk. Then, as risks or breaches are identified, implement a workflow-driven response for swift, decisive action.

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Customize your policies

Define your organizational policies, procedures, and technical controls using our comprehensive library that maps to common regulatory requirements.

Resource Library

Out-of-the-box policies, procedures, and controls map to regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, California’s Privacy Laws, and more.

Technical controls

Suggest and record Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA) once non-conformities or undesirable assessment results are spotted.

Advanced risk calculators

Easily prioritize content for further action and controls to reduce enterprise risk, based on risk level, cost of breach, and frequency of occurrence.

Report incidents, anyone or anywhere

Users, admins, or business owners can easily report incidents or breaches, whether loss of control, unauthorized access, or system exposure.

Understand impact

Quickly understand what records, systems, or data may have been impacted based on the identified risk or breach and kick off the workflow response.

Automate incident response

Workflow-driven responses based on the type, severity, and potential cost impact of the breach to ensure appropriate response and remediation.

Response reporting

Monitor and report on ongoing responses. Easily track response status and automate escalations to prove ongoing compliance.

Consider yourself a risk-taker? Play it safe, please. Your organization depends on you.

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