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Secure a winning migration with proper planning

Ensure your migration goals are achievable by assessing feasibility. Identify potential problems that could cause failure. Generate detailed reports on your current SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business customizations. Make sure you know before you go!

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Pre-migration scanning

Scan your source environment to identify potential problems that might cause delays. Easily spot customizations to determine what you can toss and what needs re-work.

Master your migration scope

Properly scope your migration project and its phases. Easily simulate scope selections based on content age, document type, and more to see how data volume (and projected timelines!) may be impacted.

Post-migration analysis

Perform ongoing scans on your destination. Ensure your information architecture and storage remains optimized throughout your project, and beyond!

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Discover, uncover & be informed

Simplify pre-migration discovery with detailed reports of your source environments. Use critical insights to be informed of your migration plans and ensure alignment with business goals.

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Detailed pre-scan

Scan and explore your source environment prior to migration—including customizations and unsupported file types

Generate reports

Generate detailed reports which can be exported to a database or CSV file to allow for deeper analysis

Power BI sync

Attain real-time insight in Power BI dashboards by importing reports or local databases created through Discovery Tool

Optimize storage

Report on your current database usage, determine how to reduce cost by simulation, and calculate potential savings

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Discovery Tool: A protective shield against the unknown.