Investigate Potential Risks Lurking in Your M365 Environment

Discover who or what may be taking a bite out of your data security

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Investigate risks m365 pi day

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  • 45 minutes


John Hodges

SVP Product Strategy, AvePoint

Bryan Vanetten

Manager, Solution Engineeing, AvePoint

Data is growing. So are the odds that it can be lost, stolen, or manipulated.

As more people use Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, their organisations increasingly face a perfect storm of troubles: broad employee access to sensitive information, unwanted exposure, and digital spaces (such as Teams) that aren’t locked down properly.

It’s critical to know WHO has access to WHAT, as well as WHEN and HOW they accessed it and to alter the affected settings and permissions to protect your data.

This webinar will explain how AvePoint’s self-service, personalised risk assessment report can deliver long-term value and identify mission-critical issues that affect your business.

We’ll also showcase the broader capabilities of our Policies & Insights (or “PI”) solution, which is designed to analyse risk and access sensitive documents by proactively monitoring and remediating policy violations in M365. PI also provides actionable security dashboards to highlight and track exposure (such as anonymous links, external user access) over time.

Leverage the power of a risk assessment to discover:

  • Insight into where sensitive data is in M365

  • Permission misalignment with membership and access policies

  • Tips for compliant and secure collaboration

  • Insights to how your users are working and where they may be leaving you vulnerable

Risk Assessment

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