AvePoint Cloud Governance

Build a governance framework with an integrated managed self-service experience that will flex with your organization’s digital workplace transformation.

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Maximize employee experience

Maximize Employee Experience While Mitigating Risk

Innovative technology like Microsoft 365 and Power Platform have democratized employee digital capabilities. As a result, IT teams are unsure how to keep a low-friction experience for employees while protecting digital spaces and data with the required policies and security. 

Frame a modern IT infrastructure with AvePoint Cloud Governance and foster a tighter and more effective partnership between IT and the organization, no matter what digital evolution happens next.

Implement a Service-Optimized Framework with AvePoint

Enable Secure Governance Across Your Digital Workplace

Enable a seamless microsoft 365

Enable a Seamless Microsoft 365 Management Experience with AvePoint MyHub

A convenient one-stop-shop for managing existing Microsoft 365 and Power Platform workspaces and creating new ones—all from Microsoft Teams! AvePoint MyHub provides you with a centralized console to organize and understand the details of all your workspaces.

Supporting the latest 1 22

Supporting the Latest in Microsoft Teams, Groups, and SharePoint Sites

We make it easy to import existing Microsoft Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites to automate service requests and management of content ownership, policies, and lifecycle according to evolving business needs.


The MOST comprehensive resource on Microsoft 365 Governance

Empowering Secure Governance for the World’s Biggest Brands

AvePoint Cloud Governance Features

Features comprehensive service catalogs

Comprehensive Service Catalogs

Deliver a wide range of governed services to users via a list of easy-to-understand options.

Features business focused questionnaires

Business-focused Questionnaires

Enable sustainable adoption and accurate usage catalogue by providing appropriate user guidance.

Features automated policy enforcement

Automated Policy Enforcement

Ensures user actions will not violate content and security rules by automatically reverting out of policy changes in Microsoft 365.

Features conditional approvals

Conditional Approvals

Enable instant service delivery or allow organizations to deploy multi-stage and multi-user approvals for service requests.

Features renewal and recertification processes

Renewal and Recertification Processes

Ensure all relevant governance attributes of workspaces are kept current including context, members and owners of Microsoft 365 workspaces.

Features automated archiving and deletion

Automated Archiving and Deletion

Automate and record workspace disposition, and implement processes to extend the life of content if needed.

Features delegated administration

Delegated Administration

Reduce burden on IT and scale management of Microsoft 365 by controlling who has administrative access to different sets of workspaces.

Features activity reporting

Activity Reporting

Automatic insights into usage and consumption of Microsoft 365 resources in a simple dashboard interface.

Features auditing reports

Auditing Reports

Create a catalogue of who did what when by automatically generating and managing audit reports for Microsoft 365 actions.

Features security reports

Security Reports

Simplify permissions and administrative management by automatically surfacing who has access to what.

Features collaboration resource inventories

Collaboration Resource Inventories

Keep track of content by displaying metadata and contextual information for all workspaces in Microsoft 365.

Features approval process reporting

Approval Process Reporting

Keep track of how well your teams are staying on top of service requests and get insights into how users interact with Microsoft 365.

Features lifecycle status reporting

Lifecycle Status Reporting

Instant visibility into the relevance and age of workspaces, as well as how much your users are extending the life of their content.

Features create and chase governance

"Create and Chase" Governance

Enhance existing Microsoft 365 management by applying your policies after the fact.

Features actionable insights

Actionable Insights

Enable admins and content owners to respond to needs and take actions right from within reports.

Features automated lifecycle management

Automated Lifecycle Management

Reduce clutter by pinpointing expiration and inactivity times for Microsoft 365 retention policies.

Features streamlined user management

Streamlined User Management

Simplify management in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID.