SaaS Management & Operations

Improve operational efficiency, increase visibility and enable security and compliance for your digital workplace initiatives.

Establish guardrails for SaaS management and operations that maximize productivity.

You’re charged with delivering a seamless, enhanced digital workplace experience. Today, that experience is defined by an explosion in the number of SaaS applications used for productivity and collaboration – on average, organizations maintain more than 125 different SaaS applications and IT is only aware of a third of them, according to Gartner.

With that growth comes challenges in how you manage, control and protect your multi-SaaS applications and data. Make it easy for your organization to be productive and collaborate while having the confidence you can quickly scale and secure your digital workplace with AvePoint’s SaaS Management solution.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Scale your management and security while controlling cost and entitlements.

Saas management increase visibility

Increase Visibility

Gain a clear view of usage across all of your multi-SaaS applications.

Enable security compliance

Enable Security and Compliance

Secure collaboration with lifecycle management and proactive risk monitoring.

Simplifying SaaS Management and SaaS Operations with AvePoint

Saas management scale your digital workplace
Improve Operational Efficiency

Scale Your Digital Workplace

Microsoft 365 and Power Platform are essential productivity solutions millions of people use every day. With that use comes significant challenges in how you can scale your management and security of the platform. 

Reduce IT’s security burden by easily finding, prioritizing, and fixing controls for Microsoft 365 permissions, membership, and sharing.

Make it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, and other configurations. Set white/black list policies, policies for external sharing, and more.

Saas management balance collaboration and governance
Increase Visibility

Balance Collaboration and Governance

The explosion of daily usage – and data generated – with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform is great for rapid collaboration and innovation, but is a challenge to ensure users are following the governance guidelines and policies put in place to ensure that collaboration is secure and protected.

Implement an extensible governance framework that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales with your organization.

Saas management secure your saas applications
Enable Security and Compliance

Secure Your SaaS Applications

The explosion of multi-SaaS applications and data also create unique challenges for organizations to ensure they have the tools to proactively evaluate and rapidly intervene to remediate potential security risks.

Unburden IT and reduce risk by aligning Microsoft 365 and Power Platform administration according to your operational needs.

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AvePoint’s support for Power Platform has helped us empower employees to safely build solutions that will enhance their work. As an organization, this allows us to continue taking smart risks because we know robust governance solutions will put the right guardrails in place, and data protection will ensure none of our data or workflows are lost.

Mike Fettner

Principal Office 365 Engineering, Regeneron

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