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Be resilient in an industry ruled by seasonality

Boutique or big-box store, today’s retailers are navigating an ever-shifting industry, customer health and safety concerns, and changing consumer expectations while managing employee burnout and understaffing. You need purpose-built, automated, and scalable solutions to keep your business running smoothly and securely, no matter the season. We can help extend the features of your key productivity and collaboration tools to maximize your investment.


I need to secure all of my data, not just part of it. Teams chats are basically the same as email now. It’s a key communication point within the organization.

Ölvir Sveinsson
Chief Information Officer, IKEA Baltics and Iceland
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Elevate Your Digital Investment

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Enhance Firstline Usability

On-the-go is how you roll, so your collaboration tools need to be not only mobile-friendly but mobile-first. Give your team functional, seamless collaboration from anywhere.

2 Protect Data Assets
Protect Customer Information

Your customers trust you with their personal information. Protect their sensitive data and prevent oversharing with strong privacy and security practices and automated policies.

1 Maximize IT Spending
Maximize IT Spending

AvePoint's Confidence platform, the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management, upgrades your M365 service delivery with flexibility, confidence, and control.

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What’s better than a product that sells itself?

Technology that runs itself.

Rather than nagging you to take action, our tools are truly automated, making productivity and collaboration worry-free and effortless. With automated backup, automated policies, and automated security, it’s never been easier to migrate, manage, and protect your team’s collaboration with confidence.

Tailor Teams’ Permissions

Easily configure unique policies for frontline and back-office employees, enabling intuitive templates for employees who use informal communications and stricter settings for those working on sensitive data.

Secure External Sharing

Take control of guest access with granular permissions and periodic recertifications to keep your workspaces accessible but secure.

Control Your Sensitive Information

Prevent oversharing of sensitive customer information and detect information that is already over-exposed and requires immediate action to keep it secure.

Safeguard Your Data

Protect your mission-critical information from data loss with full-service backup and granular restores, including Teams channels, chats, and Planner tasks.

Accelerate Off/Onboarding

Quickly scale up your transitional workforce with automated security, configurations, permissions, and content and confidently scale down with automated backup and granular restores.

Empower IT Regionality

Avoid IT bottlenecks with delegated admin so reporting, configuration, content management, and permission management can be done locally without providing access across the entire tenant.

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Tailored digital collaboration.

Your customers digitized. Now, it's your turn.

With low stock and shipping delays, your business needs to pivot to protect your profit margins. Digital transformation powered by AvePoint’s suite of proven SaaS solutions can help reinvigorate your team, support hybrid work, and power exceptional customer experiences.


Retail leaders of the future will boldly invest in "cutting-edge technology—not worrying about how it affects the P&L but about how it’s going to affect the value of the business to the consumer," according to McKinsey advisor John Straw.


Products & Services to Support The Retail Industry

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

Information Lifecycle Management


Simplify your users collaboration experience. Provide them with a one-stop-shop to all their Teams, Groups, Sites, and Communities, directly from Microsoft Teams.

A Streamlined Teams Experience


Easily find and prioritize security exposure across Microsoft 365. Understand where guest users have access, and what sensitive business data may be overshared.

M365 Permissions & Sharing

Cloud Management

Automate control of security, configurations, and content, and then replicate changes in real time. Get insight into environments with customized reports.

Office 365 Administration