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Don’t let outdated IT infrastructure halt production

With limited supplies, shipping delays, and margins under pressure, today’s manufacturers are at a digital impasse and advanced technology is needed to overcome it. Discover how our modern collaboration solutions can improve efficiency and create a connected ecosystem across frontline workers, back-office employees, and the supply chain.


The advantages of AvePoint Cloud Governance are so significant that we can no longer operate without it. We will continue to use Teams as the center of our communication, and by committing to AvePoint Cloud Governance for application management, we hope to make our working environment more efficient and effective.

Katsuya Kokubo
Vice President, Enterprise Information, Solutions, Kao Corporation
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Elevate Your Digital Investment

Retail Industry Solutions Webpage Section 2 Icon Enhance Firstline Usability
Enhance Firstline Usability

On-the-go is how your team rolls, so your collaboration solutions need to be not only mobile-friendly but mobile-first. Provide your team functional, seamless collaboration from anywhere.

1 Maximize IT Spending
Maximize IT Spending

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams are the perfect solutions for manufacturers to boost production and secure collaboration. Our solutions extend their features to help you achieve resilient operations and increased organizational productivity.

Manufacturing Section2 Automate Effortlessly
Automate Effortlessly

Rather than nagging you to take action, our solutions are truly automated, making productivity and collaboration worry-free and uncomplicated. Leveraging our solution stack, you get secure, painless migration, management, and protection.

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Our solutions work to form your IT assembly line

More than just putting parts together

AvePoint's Confidence platform is the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management. Get more value out of your cloud investment by having flexibility, control, and confidence in your M365 service delivery.

M365 Migration with Minimal Disruption

Quickly move or consolidate your data from on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, files, and collaboration systems with FLY, AvePoint’s all-in-one cloud migration solution.

Tailored Teams’ Permissions

Easily provision Teams with unique policies for frontline and back-office employees, enabling intuitive templates for employees using informal communications and stricter settings for those working on sensitive information.

Secure External Sharing

Take control of guest access with granular permissions and periodic recertifications to keep your workspaces accessible but secure.

Protect Your Data

Protect your complex information management systems from the whims of internal and external threats with automated data backup and granular restores.

Empower IT Regionality

Avoid IT bottlenecks with delegated administration so reporting, configuration, content management, and permission management can be done at the local level without providing access across the entire tenant.

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Custom-build your digital collaboration

Drive your organization into the future

Modern solutions can help you improve quality, reduce cost, and maximize revenue. Be confident your team’s foray into the digital world is productive and secure, without fear of oversharing, sprawl, and permissions management fiascos, by leveraging AvePoint’s proven platform of SaaS solutions.

Transform IT delivery into business success
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36% of manufacturing enterprises realize above-average business value from IT spending in digitalization at a reasonable cost when compared with peers.

Digital Transformation Insights in Manufacturing | Gartner
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Products & Services to Support The Manufacturing Industry


Easily find and prioritize security exposure across Microsoft 365. Understand where guest users have access, and what sensitive business data may be overshared.

M365 Permissions & Sharing


Discover content across your cloud and on-prem sources. Then, built-in best practices guide you to optimize your project and prevent data loss during your migration.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

Information Lifecycle Management


Simplify your users collaboration experience. Provide them with a one-stop-shop to all their Teams, Groups, Sites, and Communities, directly from Microsoft Teams.

A Streamlined Teams Experience

Cloud Management

Automate control of security, configurations, and content, and then replicate changes in real time. Get insight into environments with customized reports.

Office 365 Administration

Cloud Backup

Protect your data against ransomware or permissions fiascos, restoring items with full fidelity and recovery using our warranty-backed solution. With platform level protection and granular restore, meet SLAs with ease.

Resilience & Recovery