Enable Resilient and Secure Data Protection

Ensure compliance and continuity for your SaaS workloads with industry leading RPO / RTOs, Ransomware detection, Air-Gapped Backups, Immutable Storage and the most complete protection for your digital workplace.

The Best Way to Ensure Cyber Resilience? Protect How You Work.

Data fuels today’s digital workplace and powers productivity. By taking proper precautions to build-in safeguards to protect your data, you can prevent risks that could disrupt your business. AvePoint’s proven, risk-based approach ensures data protection and security across all your workspaces.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Protect PII to ensure trust, prevent regulatory action and maintain brand integrity and competitive advantage. Preserve multiple copies of your data in immutable storage and defensibly delete data when necessary.

Data Security

Data Security

Implement robust security controls, continuous activity monitoring, and automated protective actions to minimize exposure risk. AI-powered ransomware and suspicious activity monitoring allows you to recover faster than ever.

Information Integrity

Data Integrity

Whether its ransomware, a malicious insider, or accidental deletion, get your data back in minutes. Failure may result in fines or wasted time due to re-work.

Secure Data Protection with the Right Protective Controls

AvePoint gives you peace of mind knowing you can access critical data when you need it, and that protective controls are in place to minimize risks from human error, attack, or disaster.

Master your data

Master Your Data

Understand your data, its flow, and associated risk level. Classify data to inform cloud migration and investment opportunities.

Manage Microsoft 365 content and physical records together. Create and oversee classification policies, and implement flexible retention and disposal rules.

Protect your brand

Protect Your Brand

Automate corrective actions to protect data or revert out-of-policy changes.

Implement an extensible governance framework that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales with your organization.

Unburden IT and reduce risk by aligning Microsoft 365 and Power Platform administration according to your operational needs.

Be prepared

Be Prepared

Ensure data is easily recoverable in the event of disaster or malware attack.

Secure, automated backup and flexible restore for your critical Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and AWS environments. 

Devise the right plan

Devise the Right Plan

Perfect security’s a myth. Devise a risk management strategy to prioritize what you’re protecting and ensure users follow rules to mitigate risk and harm.

Safeguard your data from cybercriminals with our early detection, quick response, and swift recovery options. 

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