Cloud Governance Now Available As Microsoft Teams App

MyHub: Cloud Governance's answer for encouraging adoption while streamlining provisioning, management, and lifecycle services.
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Many of the organizations that we work with have experienced challenges when deploying Microsoft Teams across their organization. Among other things, we frequently see scenarios such as:

1. Organizations that turn on the application with insufficient planning for governance.

2. Teams sprawl due to a lack of user understanding resulting in too many work spaces to manage with existing resources.

At the core, Cloud Governance is a solution to both of those obstacles and so much more. Effectively manage sprawl by automating the provisioning, management, and lifecycle of teams, sites, groups, and more.

Encourage and embrace adoption by utilizing Cloud Governance’s extension - MyHub – for self-service capabilities. AvePoint’s one-stop-shop for requesting new Office 365 workspaces and managing existing ones within the Teams interface. Easy to use provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle services without burdening your IT team.

Power to scale, automate, and secure workspaces on their own by answering basic questions. Requests, approvals, renewals, and more WITHOUT leaving Microsoft Teams.

Here's a sneak peak:

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