Using DocAve Migrator to Solve 4 Common Migration Roadblocks

Overcome Throttling, Domain Mapping, Metadata Loss, Column Mapping, and More!
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  • 30 minutes


Jeffrey Thai

Solutions Architect

DocAve Migrator is a product that has been involved in over 2,000 organizations. With our in-depth experience, we have noticed four complications that surface the most often. Our customer success virtual lab will show you step-by-step how to easily conquer these challenges by using DocAve Migrator.

· Throttling

· Metadata Loss

· Domain Mapping

· Column Mapping

Are You Maximizing Value From DocAve Migrator?

DocAve Migrator delivers so much value beyond meeting the basic needs of a migration solution or a “lift and shift” approach.

Are you using all its features? Some of the more popular include:

  • Environment Discovery
    Analyze your current SharePoint environment to understand what content is pertinent and what is redundant to decrease the overall size of your migration and ultimately save time, money and resources.
  • Content Restructure
    Restructure your environment from site collections to individual files during your migration to have a better organized destination.
  • Skip SharePoint Versions
    It is no longer necessary to stop at the next SharePoint version to get to the newest and best. Skip all versions necessary to get straight to your desired SharePoint version.
  • Scheduled OR Real-Time Migrations
    Does your business need as much up time during working hours as possible? Schedule your migrations to run after hours or run them in real-time.

Join our Virtual Lab on August 9th for a DocAve Migrator walk through. We will answer your questions on:

  • What is Throttling & how do I avoid it?
  • What are scope filters and why are they helpful?
  • How can I distribute usage results without needing stakeholders?
  • And more!

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