EVERY DROP OF DATA IS PRECIOUS! 5 Days Jumpstart for Microsoft Teams Governance

Getting your organisation set up for remote work while ensuring good governance
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  • 1 Hour
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Roché Mahomedradja

Microsoft 365 Consultant, AvePoint

Bjørn Henriksen Hartz

Cloud Architect, Cloud Teams

Maximise work from home collaboration with Office 365 – Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has helped keep users connected and productive as they rapidly transition to working from home. This shift is leading to a rapid increase in Microsoft Teams usage and the number of Teams being created each day. These virtual workspaces all contain critical business data of varying sensitivity levels, and oversight is critical to long-term success.

With the increase in Teams usage, ask yourself:

In this webinar, you will learn how to quickly set up Microsoft Teams that will prevent long-term content sprawl from increased usage while reducing any risk from oversharing and/or guest access:

  • Get to Microsoft Teams fast if you aren’t there
  • Automate Microsoft Teams provisioning which include policies to manage lifecycle, guest access and data classification.
  • Prevent content sprawl from increased usage, so employees can find what they need
  • Leverage the entirety of the Office 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams, while still protecting your sensitive content
  • Give IT the ability to stay in control behind the scenes, while user adoption continues uninterrupted

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