Office 365 Security Concerns: Stop Data Leaks and Insider Attacks

Protecting sensitive data doesn’t need to slow down your organisation's ability to share and collaborate

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  • 1 Hour


John Hodges

SVP Product Strategy, AvePoint

Hunter Willis

Product Marketing Manager, AvePoint

Plug Data Leaks and Reveal Shadow Users!

Office 365 makes it easy to collaborate, but creating granular settings to police access to Teams and sensitive data within them can be challenging.

Instead of relying on perfect owners, join our webinar where our experts will show you how to effectively enforce your Teams membership and configurations without impacting non-sensitive collaboration.

We will even take it a step further because locking down your workspaces is just the start. Your Teams are filled with “shadow users,” external guests, nested Groups, and anonymous links that provide access to sensitive files beyond the listed members.

We will show you how to determine if you could have a problem with shadow users. Determine who (including external guests) has accessed what sensitive content with what frequency—even if you don’t already have your content tagged!

Additionally, learn how to measure and prioritize exposure to sensitive content caused by collaboration and lower it over time without having to go through thousands of lines of permission reports.

This is one of our most valuable webinars for any organisation that has data they need to protect in Office 365. Register today!

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