The Belgium Police in Pursuit of Justice with Office 365 & Microsoft Teams

Find out how Office 365, and specifically Microsoft Teams, allows the Belgium police to work better as a team to prevent crimes & increase their time in the field to support their citizens.

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  • 1 Hour


Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft Regional Director & MVP and AvePoint Chief Brand Officer

Vincent Moreau

General Product Manager, Belgium Federal Police

Learn how to successfully make the move to Office 365

The Belgian Police were leveraging a legacy system that limited their 50,000+ employees to only being able to work onsite. Realising these restrictions, along with needing to increase their environment’s security, it became clear they needed to make the move to Office 365 to ensure the entire country’s police force were agile and able work from anywhere, in a secure way.

Once they completed the move to Office 365, they began mobilising their workforce, increasing efficiency and collaboration instantly. Learn how they were able to move quickly to Office 365 to increase their knowledge share and speed to solve crimes.

You will learn how Microsoft Teams supports the Belgium Police to:

  • Mobilise their police force to spend more time in the field to support their citizens

  • Enable a secure mobile firstline workforce

  • Increase knowledge share within the police force and with external agencies to solve crimes

  • How Microsoft Teams is currently supporting their 54000 field users in their response to Covid-19 – to track and stay on top of the current restrictions imposed on the population

  • How they use Microsoft Teams to share aerial views from a helicopter & CCTV during a suspect chase

  • Cross collaborate with other police forces, fire & emergency services during large events

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