Microsoft Teams and Information Management: What You Should Know!

Learn what's possible to properly manage all of your information in Microsoft Teams!
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Records and information management worth bragging about

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  • 1 Hour


Timothy Boettcher

Senior Vice President, Head of GTM for North America, AvePoint

Jay Leask

Director, Strategic Accounts and Solutions, AvePoint Public Sector

As the fastest growing business application in Microsoft’s history, more and more data is being generated in and through use of Microsoft Teams.

As a result of its extensibility, there are a lot of places this data can be created and stored, from chats to files saved in a Teams channel.

How can you ensure you’re adequately capturing the information your organization needs to be compliant with internal and external policies?

Join AvePoint’s information management experts Jay Leask and Timothy Boettcher as they show you:

  • How to develop an overall Office 365 information management strategy including better search and audit support capabilities.
  • Microsoft’s newest functionality around retaining Teams Chats. How it can help and some limitations of which you need to be aware.
  • How Teams and SharePoint Online are integrated to give you full management over documents created through use of Teams.
  • How to provision Microsoft Teams to automatically tag documents with appropriate metadata needed to meet records mandates.

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