From Cluttered to Productive: How to drive intranet collaboration for success in the digital workplace

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  • 1 Hour
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Yatindra Ranpura

Head of Presales UK, AvePoint

John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

Maja Kukolj

Sr. Product Strategy Lead

Discover how tyGraph Pages can drive intranet success in the digital workplace

Intranets are no longer just static file repositories. Today, they’re dynamic venues for knowledge sharing, productivity, and collaboration. While a well-managed modern Intranet streamlines communication, improves employee experience and facilitates connection, it also runs the risk of becoming cluttered or outdated.

This has tremendous implications for maintaining productivity and retaining employees. A recent study found 72% of employees rate their Intranet as “fair” or “poor.” With nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft SharePoint as their Intranet platform, how can you measure the success of your Intranet?

Join us for an interactive webinar where we'll provide you a blueprint to solve the challenge of increasing user adoption, improving site performance and providing usage data to your key stakeholders. Don’t miss practical strategies and best practices for:

In this webinar, we’ll cover topics like:

  • Top KPIs you should track to evaluate the health of your Intranet

  • Understanding user behavior for targeted improvements

  • Optimizing performance based on how users are accessing content (browser, device, client, etc.)

  • Validating content and navigation choices

  • Proactive monitoring and refinement

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