From Encumbered to Empowered:

Free your IT team from menial file restores

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  • 30 Minutes


Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint

Tom Gawczynski

VP Solutions Engineering, AvePoint

Mistakes happen – and now they don’t need to be IT’s problem

At some point, everyone accidentally deletes a file they need. Traditionally, responsibility would fall on the shoulders of IT to locate this file, scanning recycle bins, backup files, and possibly even version histories on documents to find it.

Anyone who has ever worked in an IT role knows how tedious and time-consuming this can be. Depending on the size of the organisation and the volume of content it owns, restores can feel like a full-time job—or at least a huge burden on the IT and support desk. And for the rest of your team, waiting in the support queue is not only frustrating but a waste of productivity.

But now, with AvePoint ReCenter and AVA, your end users can restore lost documents, files, and emails on demand and without an IT ticket to get back to work faster. The solutions empower your team with self-service restores, allowing them to find, restore, or export their missing items without burdening IT or support.

We’ll help you tackle concerns like:

  • How do users request a restore, and from whom?
  • Who owns the restore process and approval?
  • Who will execute restores, how, and when?

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