Taming Digital Sprawl With Information Governance

Create an integrated approach to information governance to keep your organization under control.

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Digital sprawl information governance

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  • 1 Hour


Alyssa Blackburn

Director, Records & Information Management Strategy, AvePoint

Jay Leask

Director, Strategic Accounts and Solutions, AvePoint Public Sector

Control and manage your information before it's too late!

The volume ofunmanaged digital documents remains the perennial top challenge cited bycollaboration and information management professionals. If you are like us, itkeeps you up at night!

While theseunmanaged documents proliferate both on-premises environments and cloudcollaboration systems, workloads are migrating rapidly to systems like Office365 and must be managed.

Our experts willwalk you through how to create an integrated approach to information governanceto ensure your workspaces, content and records are under control. A cleanenvironment is a productive environment.

Learn how to:

  • Consistently apply retention policies across common collaboration workspaces

  • Develop a risk/value framework to prioritize your highest value data

  • Keep your collaboration environments fresh and free of old stale content

  • Understand how long you need to retain certain data types, and the best practices for justifiable expiration

  • Deploy an automated information management and records system that isn’t reliant on end users or other gatekeepers

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