Work from home with Microsoft Teams: Delegate access to content restore Capabilities

Reduce IT burden and help users find the lost or accidentally deleted content. Learn how to leverage AvePoint's Office 365 Restore bot for end users in Microsoft Teams.
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Securing collaboration for remote work

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  • 1 Hour


Yatindra Ranpura

Head of Presales UK, AvePoint

Stephen Hennessy

Solution Engineer, AvePoint

Ready to learn how to delegate access to recovery capabilities in Microsoft Teams and use AvePoint Virtual Assistant?

Why You Need To Delegate Restore Capabilities
Office 365 backups are handled by IT and its service desk. However, as more and more users turn on Microsoft Teams to work remotely, IT can become inundated with help desk requests which could delay their response time back to the business.

Let us show you a way to empower and help new Microsoft Team users to recover recently modified, misplaced conversations, files or emails themselves, without any IT involvement.

Meet AVA! A free Chatbot for End User Item Restore Requests in Microsoft Teams.

AvePoint Virtual Assistant (AVA) is our recently released Chatbot, which is integrated within Microsoft Teams to help find and recover content. Want to reduce IT burden while keeping the same security level? Your IT and end-users can now save time by restoring data via our chatbot.

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