Stop sprawl in its tracks

Data storage costs represent up to 3.8% of global revenues, and users waste up to 60% of their time searching for, or recreating work. Regain control of your enterprise content and storage with AvePoint solutions for integration, optimization, and lifecycle management.

Search & conquer

Users and records managers can quickly and easily locate what they need across File Shares, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Lower storage costs

Move the bulk of your data to lower-cost storage. Reduce data volume and management costs with automated pruning.

Automate Policies

Seamlessly create and apply automated lifecycle management policies across SharePoint, Office 365, and File Shares.

Share silos…begone

Connect, then manage file shares or Box directly from SharePoint or Office 365. Whether it’s blocked file types, large files, whatever—you name it, we connect it.

Optimize storage

Move BLOBs and infrequently accessed data to lower-tier (and lower-cost) storage. Reap performance benefits and cost savings.

Manage lifecycles

Keep only what you need. Automate rules to identify, and quickly delete, move, archive, or preserve content that’s been labeled as old, irrelevant, or as records.

Ss Storage Optimization Management1

Access. Manage. Integrate.

Choose between a completely seamless integration into SharePoint to avoid a file share or Box migration project, or simply give users a window into file shares through Office 365 or SharePoint.

Link file shares

Users can access and interact with SharePoint content. Support for full-text search and native management capabilities.

SharePoint meets Box

Empower users with Box’s mobile access and sharing capabilities, and SharePoint’s robust ECM features.

Navigate file shares

Users can access and manage files from file shares, SharePoint, or Office 365 and preview large pptx or video files.

Boost performance. Save money.

SharePoint SQL storage isn't optimized to store BLOB content, which is up to 95% of your footprint. Move BLOBS to lower-tiered storage to extend storage architecture, cut costs, and boost performance.

Be selective

Move BLOBs out of SQL based on metadata or properties to target specific content for hierarchical storage.

Easy integration

Native SharePoint and DocAve capabilities for management, restructuring, replication, and backup work with BLOB content.

Migrate BLOBs

Switch to DocAve and we’ll make it easy for you to migrate your existing BLOBs into our award-winning system.

Storage Optimization Management Illustration
Ss Storage Optimization Management2

Automate content lifecycle management

Automatically identify, then make a move on File Share, SharePoint, and Office 365 content to improve data quality and save on storage and discovery costs.

File Share Archiver

Flexible archiving of file share data to preserve discoverability, enforce compliance, and automate lifecycles.

Archive smarter

Move, archive or remove stale or end-of-life Office 365 and SharePoint content while ensuring policies are met.

Storage management & optimization products

Archiver Icon


Intelligently archive and automate content lifecycle management for files, mail, items, conversations, and more, based on custom business rules.

Storage Manager Icon

Storage Manager

Extend SharePoint storage beyond SQL databases to tier storage, cut costs, and optimize performance.

File Share Archiver Icon

File Share Archiver

Enable content lifecycle management for file shares. Move content to cool storage to cut costs, improve data quality, and maintain discoverability.

File Share Navigator Icon

File Share Navigator

Remove barriers, enhance enterprise-wide content management, and global collaboration with a single point of access that removes content size and location limits.

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Share file shares and cloud storage safely and securely to unify your enterprise content.

Cloud Connect Icon

Cloud Connect

Combine the benefits of cloud computing with existing on-premises infrastructure to improve collaboration and extend capabilities of each platform.

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