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SaaS or Self-Hosted? A single platform with multiple deployment options.

Our Fly Migrators allow you to migrate or consolidate cloud content with ease. If you need to clean up or clean out data, are on a tight timeline, Fly Migrators can help.

Our cloud migration solutions build in a best practice, 3-phase approach to set you up for success for any project. We offer an all-in-one experience to migrate on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, content, and collaboration into Microsoft Office 365.

Pre-scan your migration sources

Find out how much mail and content you've got, and if there are any unsupported elements that may need to be refactored for Microsoft Office 365.

Migrate with Fly

Automate your migration project by defining filters, mappings, and schedules. Get started with SaaS or download our super-light install package for takeoff on your terms.

Monitor migration progress

Use built-in progress reporting to track your project and closely monitor throttling, performance, and more.

Onboarding and Adoption

Our Microsoft 365 Training includes over 1000 hours of bite sized content covering all the functionality necessary to empower better communication and collaboration in your business.

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Exchange Server, Exchange Online, Gmail, IMAP, POP3

Migrate, consolidate, and transform your cloud and on-premises email

Our migration tools, Fly and Fly Server, can help you move, consolidate, and transform data from over a dozen cloud and on-prem sources. Mail, files, and collaboration can be brought together in your new modern workspace, with ease.

Watch the Demo: Fly Server in action Watch the Demo: Fastest liftoff with Fly SaaSEmail & Exchange Migration brochure

Consolidate mailboxes, folders, and calendars

Break out from out-of-control mailboxes

Clean up your information architecture and naming conventions

FLY through your next Exchange Online migration

Migrate exchange, mail, contacts, and calendars into Microsoft Office 365. Sync changes and users across domains, all from one place. Whether you're moving from an email server, G-Suite migration, or even Microsoft Office 365 tenant to tenant migration, we're your one stop mail migration shop.

Migration Case Study: Email Migration

AvePoint’s Superior Customer Service Enables MSP to Keep GoDaddy Migration Project On Track After Other Vendor Solution Fails

AvePoint’s Superior Customer Service Enables MSP to Keep GoDaddy Migration Project On Track After Other Vendor Solution Fails

The capabilities you need to ensure email migration success
  • Gmail migration to Office 365 with mail, contacts, and calendars
  • Support Exchange on-prem, online, and GoDaddy-hosted mailboxes
  • Consolidate or migrate mailboxes to Office 365 Group mailboxes
  • Import .PST files into Exchange Online
  • Use IMAP or POP3 migration to support Exchange 2007 or other servers and clouds
  • Fly Assist helps users or admins auto-configure Outlook for faster end-user roll-out
  • Migrate Exchange Public Folders with mailboxes, or on their own