Quick & precise deployment

Effectively manage and automate additions and changes in your deployment from start to finish. DocAve Deployment Manager will help you minimize human error and keep within budget when moving from staging to production.

Automate & implement

Lower operational costs and improve IT efficiency with customizable scheduling of your SharePoint deployment

Full-fidelity deployment

Ensure consistency of SharePoint objects throughout all environments with comprehensive system propagation across farms

Risk reduction

Abate risk and liability by eliminating manual management and enabling rollback for sites and site collections

Deployment Manager Illustration

Planning, comparison & deployment

Facilitate pre-production operation, automate deployment of SharePoint artifacts, design elements, solutions, apps, and WFE configurations to accelerate service delivery.


Compare source and destination SharePoint objects to quickly view object details and identify elements for propagation

Backup & rollback

Automatically backup the destination environment before deployment for easy rollback

Hybrid mode

Deploy and manage content, design elements, configurations, and more within or across SharePoint or Office 365

Granular deployment

Select SharePoint objects to deploy to other locations, in real-time or on a scheduled basis

Online & offline

Minimize business disruption through plan-based online or offline deployment to leverage slow, secured networks

Plan your deployment. Don’t just wing it. Your organization depends on you.

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