Smooth moves, always

With step-by-step guidance, DocAve Content Manager provides administrators with the ability to manage and restructure SharePoint and Office 365 content with minimal interruption to business processes to quickly respond to evolving information governance requirements.

Full-fidelity migration

Easily copy, move, and restructure SharePoint content while maintaining configurations and metadata integrity throughout

Hybrid integration

Being Office 365 compatible lets administrators easily move and manage content in hybrid SharePoint environments

Enhance user experience

Respond to evolving policies by managing enterprise content through a single, intuitive console with graphical mapping

Ss Content Manager

Migrate & restructure SharePoint content

Respond to evolving information architecture requests. Move, restructure, and manage content within or across SharePoint and hybrid Office 365 environments. Your content…always where you need it.

Migrate content

Move, copy, and restructure content for tenant-to-tenant migrations or reflect evolving information architecture needs

Batch taxonomy

Tag and classify SharePoint content by updating metadata in bulk for faster organization

Full fidelity

Maintain list and library integrity with full support for all list types, content metadata, and configurations

Cross deployment

Ease cross-domain migration, restructuring, and reorganization by graphically mapping domains, users, and permissions


Promote or demote sites on the fly and copy content from list to list, library to library, or site to site

Risk reduction

Backup the source or destination environment before performing a copy or move action for easy rollback and restore

Have a need for speed? We know no limit.

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